How to understand male taste: sympathy for women's stockings

How to understand male taste: sympathy for women's stockings

Stockings are one of the parts of female clothes, most attractive to a male eye. Already 200 years they personify sexuality and passion.

Women's stockings among men enjoy love strange and irrational at first sight, and not each woman understands the reason of such addictions. Even for the man who is not understanding clothes this subject of female clothes is one of most of the most bewitching and exciting imagination.

History says to us that, as well as many jewelry, stockings were the privilege of men earlier. In Ancient Greece they were purely men's wear, and from XIV to the 19th century were the sign of belonging to aristocratic circles and even monarchs in many European countries. Stockings began to belong to objects of a women's clothing only 200 years ago.

Interesting fact: from the favourites of the Spanish king Charles III who were living alone in the 15th century in the diary described the stockings fitting male calves as one of the favourite erotic imaginations.

And ladies, so to say, not of the heaviest behavior were the first bearers of this article of clothing. Courtesans, dancers, owners of brothels sported in exciting stockings which since that moment began to be associated with readily available women, and it is one of the main reasons of their appeal to a male. And then, erotic stockings, unlike neutral tights, are not an article of clothing for daily carrying. Putting on them, the woman shows what wants to attract someone. She becomes more relaxed and confident in the appeal. Though often at all not that man to whom such "gift" intended, of course, can react. Other good reason consists in that, how exactly stockings fit a female body. They do not cover the most intimate parts of a body, but emphasize them. Often men prefer completely naked the half-closed body. Also present men's reaction to the body dressed in lacy stockings alone now. The man will hardly be able to resist it.

Important fact: stockings, as well as dark tights, are capable to level shortcomings of legs partially. For example, cellulitis on certain sites and also scars, scratches and grazes.

Stockings are different, and not all from them are pleasant to men. Being beige or corporal color and without the drawing, they will not add sexuality, but can descend for daily carrying for work with a strict dress code. Stockings of bright colors (pink, blue, lime, etc.) give a highlight, but approach not every image. If the girl is not 20 years old or she prefers informal style with prevalence of jeans materials and acid flowers, then stockings of such color will be appropriate. If the woman already was above this age and adheres more strictly to style, similar will look is quite inappropriate. In the optimum color suitable to everything, will be black. The drawing on stockings will be only great advantage. Especially juicy it will look in zones where it can be considered only in an intimate situation, but not at once. For example, near an elastic band. Garters and a belt can serve as the addition exciting imagination. It is possible even to call the last "a control shot" which practically nobody will resist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team