How to understand that change you

How to understand that change you

"The love is blind" is not an ancient saying, but the bitter truth which throughout the millennia consoles those who learn about treason by the last. Wives, husbands, girlfriends and satellites wonder – as I could not notice what he / she changes me? And whether always we know where it is necessary to look? What to pay attention to? What acts have to force us to prick up the ears and stop being such lovers, so and so naive?

1. Your partner speaks by phone longer, than usually? When it is a beret cellular, its all time there are affairs in borders of that room where there are you? He looks at the calling phone, sees who calls, but does not take the call, and transfers to voice mail? It began to carry cellular with itself(himself) everywhere, not excepting the bathroom? If such behavior repeats in increasing frequency, it is worth "taking off pink glasses" and to look narrowly at your partner more attentively.

2. Pay attention and to how your satellite uses the Internet. Whether waits when you go to bed to sit at the computer whether carries away the laptop to other room, whether closes the browser when you enter the room? Solve whether you should check its e-mail and the history of visits of websites or you want to be "above it" even if he hides something from you.

3. Many claim that treason will always have an effect on cooling of the sexual relations. The changed person, allegedly, will avoid contacts such. But here in what business - the deceivers wishing to hide "a campaign on the left" perfectly know about this national "sign" and sometimes with the doubled heat go to a bed with you to avoid all suspicions and charges. Also you should not dismiss the fact that in the new novel on the party your partner can have new sexual appetites, habits and imaginations. Perhaps, they cannot wait for an appointment with the passion and therefore realize the desires with you?

4. Your partner became more captious to the appearance? Men want to look more vigorous, women begin to put on more sexually. The partner, usually indifferent to questions of weight, appearance, a hairstyle, aromas, suddenly began to pay to it much attention? If he at the same time not really is interested in whether to liking to you these changes, most likely it becomes for someone another.

5. Pay attention to how your partner spends money. If at it somewhere the large sums unexpectedly began to vanish, and he cannot explain to you on what they leave, can be to eat sense to glance in its finance? Pay attention to checks in its pockets if you have an opportunity, glance in the printout from its cash card. Accounts for restaurants in which you were not flowers and jewelry which you did not receive, sexual underwear which you on it did not see – what else proofs are necessary to you to understand that you are deceived?

6. If suddenly employees or friends of your partner begin to feel at your presence inconveniently, look away, look at you with pity, in a conversation obviously falter and consider told whether it means that they know something like that that is not known by you about your life?

7. Your partner unexpectedly became whimsical, at him the mood sharply changes, he became more aggressive in a conversation with you, often in a different form asks you questions – what you think of not monogamous marriages? You the truth are sure that it is possible to carry by love for one person through all lives? And whether you are happy with him? Perhaps, it and not signs of treason, but is signals that in your relations something seriously not so.

8. Your satellite had new interests and tastes which to you seem absolutely to it not peculiar. He began to be interested in ballroom dances? She was fond of chess? He began to consider that women should not make up lips? She says that the man respecting himself has to spend two hours every day in the gym? How do you think from what it?

9. He just carps! Yesterday still suited him as you put on, you prepare, you kiss that you think of a situation in Pakistan and what movies you watch and you read books, and today on him not to please. Can quite be that your satellite just looks for an occasion to break off the relations with you so that not to feel the guilt for deception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team