How to understand that it does not make sense to continue the love relations any more

How to understand that it does not make sense to continue the love relations any more

Sometimes intimacy becomes a burden and begins to bring only disappointment. In this case it is necessary to analyze a situation seriously. There are direct signs that it does not make sense to continue the relations.


Physical abuse – the unconditional reason for break in relations and a serious occasion to punish the offender under the law.

But except physical there is also a psychological violence. If the partner does not perceive you seriously, belittles and derides all your plans and achievements, think of whether it is worth continuing such "toxic" relations.

The pathological jealousy also belongs to psychological violence. Total control, check of your calls and messages, constant suspicions of treason, reproaches and scandals are capable to destroy even very strong family.

Game in silence, ignoring of the partner, boycotts and goings from the house treat types of psychological violence too. So tyrants and manipulators which try to suppress emotionally the person behave and to make him the puppet.

If you are forced to go constantly on compromises and to renounce the principles, it is worth thinking of a gap. Life is too short to carry out it in "psychological prison". The relations constructed on fear and mistrust are doomed to a failure.  

Boredom and irritation

The fact that it seemed ridiculous and lovely in darling earlier began to annoy and cause negative emotions. It can be both features of appearance, and certain traits of character. The former charm the partner disappears, and his acts and simple everyday habits cause irritation.

Reverse side of "medal" is mutual indifference and boredom. The relations quickly come to an end without mutual hobbies, the general hobby or interest in each other. Partners try to spend as little as possible time together. Some can just live at work, masking workaholism the unsuccessful union, others – to spend all free time with friends.

If you are not interested in thoughts, dreams and plans of "soulmate", and spend evenings separately, it is worth thinking of expediency of the similar relations seriously.


In good relations the people talk and try to solve the conflicts and misunderstanding by constructive dialogue. If all talk comes to an end with a quarrel and mutual reproaches - it is a disturbing signal.   

Look narrowly more attentively at the partner. If your points of view cardinally disperse, and the vital principles and priorities do not coincide, there is a sense to stop the relations. Amuse yourself with a thought that "soulmate" will exchange. Very seldom adults cardinally change the principles and behavior model.


Over time love gradually develops into quiet attachment and tenderness, but partners all the same have warm feelings from communication with each other.

At the unhealthy relations joy is present only at the initial stage, but quickly passes. Offensive jokes, neglect and disrespect "cut off wings" and you instead of joy feel alarm and irritation in the company with the partner.

Constant negative and tension in the relations – one of sure signs of crash of the love union.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team