How to understand that the guy wants to kiss the girl

How to understand that the guy wants to kiss the girl

The first kiss with the new beloved – very concerning moment for the girl, and it should not become for her a bolt from the blue. Besides, if the guy wants to pass to such step, but does not risk to make it, he can be pushed softly.

How to define that the man wants to kiss you

The first kiss between two lovers – very intimate and touching moment which nobody has to spoil. For this reason couple chooses a privacy for such things. If the guy uses the efforts more often to remain with you alone, it can become one of signs of its intention to pass gradually to more close relations.

The man can decide on a kiss at the first opportunity, however for certain it is all the same will occur at a well-chosen moment when do not disturb you.

Pay attention to how the man gesticulates as he touches you as sits down or goes near you. If he wants to kiss, he will try to touch at first a hand, to draw near closer, during walk kind of accidentally to concern or support when in it there is no obvious need. If he touches your hair, a shoulder, runs fingers over a cheek, corrects a bang, touches an earring, most likely, he wants to kiss you.

You can define desire of the guy to receive a kiss and in case it brings closer the person to yours, embracing you, blowing off a lock of hair, correcting a collar of your coat. Do not doubt, you will feel his desire, especially if it is really strong. The guy can gently touch by lips of a forehead, a cheek or hair, without daring on bigger. It is a strong indication of the fact that it wants to kiss you on the mouth.

How to learn about desire of the man to present a kiss

Observe where the guy looks during the talk with you. If you notice that his eyes often stop on your lips, it is one of the most right signs that he dreams of a kiss.

It is especially easy to treat such views if the guy as if ceases to hear you and looks at the person enchanted, without tearing off a look. Perhaps, he also really thinks of a kiss, but not of your words.

See to behavior of the man when you remain together. Even skilled, adults can experience nervousness when they approach the beloved from whom dream to achieve reciprocity. If you notice signs of confusion, views in which tenderness is read, faint smiles, most likely, the man is in love with you. If at the same time he also tries to keep at a conversation closer to you and just likes to look at you, listening to your voice, he for certain wants to kiss you and to obtain the evidence that its feelings are mutual.

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