How to understand that the husband does not love you?

How to understand that the husband does not love you?

Problems in family happen quite often, but sometimes people face that from marriage the love, tender feelings, communication and understanding begins to disappear. Any changes for the worse can imperceptibly take place, and often this fact brings most of all pain and disappointments: to recognize that the husband does not love any more, to the woman it is very difficult. In article we will consider what to do if the husband does not love the wife any more.

The main signs that the husband does not love the wife

Each woman wants to be favourite, to remain necessary, desired and demanded for the husband. Many girls and women, facing a similar problem, prefer to close eyes and to continue the relations as is.

Usually it does not result in positive result as the inaction position only harms. It is better to define at once that the man cooled down. What signs can speak about it, we will consider in more detail.

Problems in family

The first sign that to the relations there is something wrong — problems and quarrels in family. Sometimes the small conflicts can be useful, but if they take place too often, there is tension in the relations, innuendo, mutual claims, then it demonstrates that there is a serious problem.

And when the husband communicates with the wife less, he ceases to pay attention to opinion or some difficulties of the half, especially if earlier he often was interested in her life.

Whether you know? If the spouse or the spouse well communicate with parents of the half, then the probability of future divorce decreases by dozens of percent.

Besides, family disorders can be shown also in such moments:

  • disappearance of joint occupations or hobbies;
  • spouses communicate less;
  • the woman feels disrespect for herself or the opinion;
  • the man more often vanishes at work or does not want to stay at home;
  • the husband tries to be fenced off and allocate personal space, pays more attention to himself;
  • the sense of humour in communication disappears;
  • from a talk the concept we disappears, everyone speaks and thinks only of himself, without taking the partner into account.

Also one of the main problems in the family relations of the woman call impossibility to trust in the partner and his unreliability. If you notice that the man more often puts own interests on the first place, then it is worth thinking. As soon as feelings begin to die away, at the man the desire to lend a shoulder and to support the spouse vanishes.

The unwillingness to consult can speak about a problem too: the loving couple always acts together, tries to speak about sore, together to solve problems, even the smallest. If the husband more often does everything alone and does not try to inform the spouse, then his feelings die away.

Continuous reproaches and irritation

Reproaches appear always, especially if feelings die away. Then the irritation and discontent come to their place. Any, even small oversight, a bad habit, a problem can arouse indignation of the partner. Even small mistakes can lead to serious scandal, offensive words, shouts, and sometimes and to open mockery.

Ridiculing of culinary talents, belittling of abilities or condemnation of impossibility to master new skill, discrepancy with preferences of style or a make-up — an occasion can be any. The man begins to state, sometimes in an offensive form, all about what he quietly could keep silent earlier.

Lack of physical contact

One of the brightest signs that the relations collapse is unwillingness to touch, be nearby and lack of proximity between the husband and the wife.

If in family there is an attachment, romanticism, feelings, compassion, couple wants to be close and to touch to each other. When all this disappears, also desire to embrace or touch decreases. Any contact can cause a wave of irritation or reproaches.

Whether you know? The main reason for stains in the world treason, and admits it only a quarter of couples. The others try to pick up more suitable pretext or the reason.

One of the brightest signs that the husband does not love the wife the simplest, it it is possible to understand and see practically at once: if the husband does not want intimate proximity with the spouse. It means that feelings or disappeared at all, or the partner grew cold and does not wish to be with the spouse. There are also other problems connected with it, for example, unfaithfulness. And treason can be not obligatory for physical.

sometimes meet such woman who will give not just missing fragments of his life with the wife on the party, and to satisfy him at the psychological level — for example, to correspond to its social parameters or image, to impose on character, to have common interests or a hobby.

Whether you know? Men after the divorce most often begin to take alcoholic drinks. And here women, on the contrary, drink more in marriage if it is unsuccessful.

If similar happens, then it is possible to speak precisely that the husband does not love the wife, and is just on a habit or for convenience at home.

Whether there are exits from such situation?

From a similar situation there can be two obvious exits: or couple gets divorced, or tries to keep family, to agree, discuss problems and to take steps for strengthening of what already is. To solve what step to make, it is necessary to begin dialogue first of all. Sometimes one this act helps to keep and rally family, to discuss problems, to talk about sore and to solve even the most difficult situations. Sometimes for this purpose the third-party help is required. In such cases of steam can address the qualified psychologist.

Learn what to do and how to behave if the husband changes.

Unfortunately, there are also such cases when the divorce is the only acceptable exit. The main thing is to remember that unsolvable situations do not happen.

Whether it is worth keeping family?

This question the answer is especially individual. It depends on what person is nearby what steps that is ready to take and also what steps you are ready to take. Answer for yourself a question: Whether The husband loves me and whether I can make something to revive feelings if is not present?. To estimate possible options of an exit from such difficult situation, it is worth sorting all pluses and minuses of the man and the relations with it.

Also it is worth understanding for himself whether it is worth fighting for it. The divorce — very difficult process, but sometimes happens much more difficult to live with the person who does not love you and does not appreciate. Not each woman will have forces to live in hope and belief that the situation will change.

It will be useful for you to esteem how to forgive treason of the husband and to keep family.

How to release the husband?

After parting it is difficult to release the person with whom lived so much time, especially if the husband became the initiator of a gap. First of all it is necessary to understand that violently it is not necessary to hold the man, any attempts will correct a situation failure, and blackmail will not bring any benefit or satisfaction.

It is better to try to understand that the relations ended and to release the person. Switch attention to something else, be engaged in work or arrangement of the life. Such approach will help to look in a new way at itself and at a situation. Talk to the husband, open the emotions and experiences. Even if it will not help to improve the relations, then it will become easier for you psychologically: thus it is possible to remove emotional pressure and to get off the notions of compulsion. You should not pass to insults.

Simple constructive dialogue will help to hear the truth, to understand and accept it. Can be useful and consultation of the psychologist — the expert will always offer the suitable equipment or a way out.

How to live after parting?

If the woman understands that to remain more near the man who does not love her or does not appreciate, cannot, then she makes the decision to leave. Usually at such moments the misunderstanding, offense and mutual reproaches do not allow to assess a situation soberly and objectively.

Important! During the divorce it is necessary to focus on what occurs here and now. Allocation of details of the occurring life, but not the past or the future will help to switch from negative thoughts and to reduce alarm level.

But even despite this, it is necessary to leave correctly, without scandals or charges. You should not say that the husband is guilty divorced because he stopped loving, just it is better to accept reality and to release the person. Then everyone will be able to lead own life and to choose in what he likes to be engaged. This moment can be applied with advantage to transition to new level: for example, to pay attention to training which was long postponed, to change a job or even a kind of activity, to turn work into a hobby or on the contrary. It will give the chance to realize itself as the person and to develop the personality. Be engaged in what pleases and brings satisfaction.

Very good option will be to pay attention to health and sport, during the trainings not only the health improves, but also happiness hormone which will help to fight against negative experiences inside is emitted.

Read in more detail how to endure a divorce.

Councils of experienced psychologists

In such situation the psychologists recommend to analyze the relations, to allocate mistakes and to define prospects on the future. The experienced expert I. Kambulova advises to realize what occurs, to perceive a situation, to analyze all the emotions and to try to dose a negative.

Also she recommends to take a small break, especially for several first months after the divorce, there will not pass shock yet. If necessary the help should ask for the psychologist or the family. If in marriage there are children, then it is necessary to explain to them that the divorce of parents is not their wine.

Important! After the divorce never incite children against the husband. Each child associates himself half with the father, and half with mother. If to say to him about how the first was bad, it can affect psychological state of the child, undermine his self-confidence.

The practicing psychologist O. Kerkher recommends not to lose hopes as the termination of one stage means the beginning of new. And even after the divorce it is not necessary to lose self-confidence, to try to support communication with children if they are and to try to make the life better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team