How to understand that the man has love affairs on the party

How to understand that the man has love affairs on the party

The relations in marriage not always develop ideally, and sometimes spouses begin to change each other. This phenomenon happens rather often, however about appearance of the mistress it is possible to recognize by some changes in behavior of the man.


1. There are several signs on which you can calculate the fact of men's treason. First of all pay attention to how your beloved watches himself. If earlier he was unaffected by the appearance, and now suddenly decided to be engaged in own figure, began to be fond of sport, began to adhere to a diet, to buy to itself new clothes and perfume, most likely, in his life there was a passion for the sake of which he tries.

2. If earlier your spouse arrived on time home all the time, and now began to be late at work or constantly is in traveling and business trips, it is possible it means that he was fond of someone except you and spends time with the new girl. To check, than your husband is so busy, try to call him for work when is not at home it, and working hours will already end. Think up some good reason for a similar call and tell that it was necessary to call in office as you had problems with the mobile phone and you could not phone personally to the spouse. Pay attention to a run of its car, maybe, these figures will tell you about something important too.

3. The cell phone and the laptop your blessed will be able to give you at least a part of the necessary information too. And it is not even necessary to check others correspondence. Just ask the husband to give you the equipment to go on-line or to someone to call. If your beloved tarries and will try to think up a pretext for refusal, it can become a reason for some doubts. Observe whether the spouse dumps phone calls, whether it is keen on some SMS correspondences, whether phone disconnects the house. Such behavior obviously has to cause your suspicion.

4. The most important what you have to pay attention to - whether there were no changes in your intimate life. Perhaps, the husband became more rare to pay you attention or learned something new that earlier you together never tried. Pay attention to a body of your beloved, maybe, on it there were suspicious grazes or scratches which are obviously hinting you at his communication with the mistress.

5. If you noticed any signs of treason of the spouse or just the beloved, it is not necessary to break off with him the relations at once. Try to talk about everything that concerns you quietly. Perhaps, you in vain wind yourself, and to his behavior there will be some justifications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team