How to understand that the person lies?

How to understand that the person lies?

To meet absolutely honest person, today it is quite difficult. All of us sin with a lie a little, beginning from simple embellishment of events and finishing with the real deception. And the most unpleasant that even people close to us not always with us are clean and frank. What to tell about business partners and colleagues! But any lie becomes a reality sooner or later and in our hands – to give in on deception or to get to the core of the interlocutor. But how to define that the person lies? On light there is nothing impossible, and we will try to consider the most widespread signs of a lie.

How to learn whether the person lies?

If to understand, then it is quite simple to catch the person in a lie. The thing is that telling a lie, the person creates to the organism an unnatural stressful situation. And in this situation of a word of a lie for the person are painful, and the organism reacts to them not as would behave in a quiet state. Signs that the person lies are very various. Conditionally they can be divided into several groups which we also will consider.

How to learn that the person lies by means of nonverbal signals?

Nonverbal we call that way of communication which is transmitted through a mimicry and gestures. It is easiest way to define a lie. So, what is done by the person when lies?

  1. The first and obvious indicator of a lie are eyes. If to you penetrating look in eyes and take great pain to hold visual contact with you, you can not doubt, you are wanted to be deceived. It is quite simple to check it – ask the interlocutor a question and if he takes eyes aside, so he remembers the truth. And if the interlocutor looks fool in the face, then there is nothing to remember to him, and according to you will begin to lie.
  2. If your question took the person unawares, and he wants to deceive you, then he will begin to switch your attention – will tie laces, to touch objects on a table, to go along a rack and to examine objects. Your task to see the distracting maneuver in these actions.
  3. The human body can give a lie too. How? For example if at the person only one side of a body is active, then say you at all not what think of (pulls one shoulder, shuffles the feet, etc.). Also the held-down movements can give a lie. If you noticed that the pose of the interlocutor is unnatural, and he says slowly and tries to hide or weave hands, so from you something is hidden.
  4. Pay attention to lips of the interlocutor. The person who purses lips – is not confident in the words (for example if he promises to call back, and purses a lip, then you will hardly wait for a call).
  5. The person – the real well of information. Its asymmetry (for example, a smile in one party) also speaks about a lie. If the person was surprised to your words, and the surprised look lasted more than 5 seconds – your interlocutor foreknew about what you told. Also the liar will be given by a constant pochesyvaniye of a nose or ear.
  6. Hands – a separate subject for consideration. If the person behaves for a neck at a conversation, then he in literal sense is afraid to blab out to you. About same tell the linked fingers, hands put on the breast or hidden in pockets.

How to define that the person lies according to his speech?

Having a little trained, you with ease will be able to understand when began to tell you a lie by means of the speech and intonations:

  1. The person, not the person interested to tell you the truth, can answer a question with your words. For example: You ate the last candy? Is not present, not I ate the last candy.
  2. At a conversation the liar can slow down tempo of speech, kind of weighing each word, or to add the mass of unnecessary details to the story.
  3. The speech of the liar can be determined by grammatical wrong offers. The speech of the interlocutor, as a rule, obfuscatory, he uses repetitions, and sometimes there are long pauses.
  4. If you the interlocutor willingly changed a topic of conversation and relaxed, then the conversation which happened before obviously was to it not to liking. So, most likely, you were not told the word of truth.
  5. If the story by your interlocutor does not inspire trust, ask the interlocutor to state all events upside-down. Telling the truth it it is possible.
  6. And at last, if you met the person who to very few people trusts, so this person himself also wishes to invent everywhere where it is possible. Such mechanism is called a projection, i.e. the person projects the features on others.

To answer a question: How to understand that the person lies? you need some time, however to remember all signals of a lie of special will be not difficult. Rather just to be more attentive to the interlocutor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team