How to understand that the woman is pleasant to the man

How to understand that the woman is pleasant to the man

Women very often ask a question: how to understand that they were pleasant to any given man. The answer to this question will allow to clear a situation and will give to the woman the chance to solve: to continue such relations and flirting or not.

Many men are rather reserved and constraining. They are afraid to show to the woman that she is pleasant to them. Therefore there are several main signs allowing to understand about sympathy from the man for the woman.

Signs that the woman is pleasant to the man

1.      Look of not indifferent man. At it at appearance of the woman will surely burn and to shine eyes. And all know that these parts of the body is loved by the man. But in some situations he can hide also it. Then the woman has to pay attention to that how often the man turns on her the stare. It will also judge his sympathy.

2.      Assertiveness and proximity. The man, in a literal sense, will not give to the woman of pass. He will constantly look for proximity and a privacy with her. Also the man can constantly address with various small requests.

3.      Manifestation of jealousy and care. The man with tenderness will treat the woman, sometimes to show interest in her private life and to try to conduct a confidential conversation about the pressing problems. In certain cases aggression from its party which will also be the proof that the woman to it is not indifferent can be shown.

4.      The man constantly looks tidy and watches the appearance, especially if it was not earlier. By nature many men are idlers and it is quite difficult for them to look after themselves. If in the presence of the woman, it begins to correct constantly the hairstyle, to straighten out clothes or a tie and so on, so it tries to be pleasant to it.

5.      During the conversation various gestures and a facial expression can give the man. Most often, these signs are uncontrollable, and occur spontaneously, for example, rocking by the head during the conversation, a zakusyvaniye of a lower lip, touch by hands to the person.

6.      Nervousness during presence in the room of this woman. As a rule, it is shown in unusual acts. For example, the man can finger a belt on trousers, is constant twist a ring on a finger or ask silly questions for maintenance of a conversation.

7.      Joyful look. It is the main sign of any sympathy. As soon as the man sees the woman who is pleasant to him, subconsciously begins to derive undisguised pleasure which is shortly shown in the form of a smile on his face.

8.      Attitude towards other girls. Generally it will allocate the pleasant woman against the background of the others and to show to her more attention.

9.      In more close relations the man begins to give unostentatiously gifts the to the darling in an occasion and without it.

10.  The man constantly pays to the woman compliments and positively reacts to all her requests.

In general, such man can be noticed and defined his sympathy for the woman at once, kind of he did not hide it. Especially, if the man shows persistence and demands reciprocity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team