How to understand that to the relations the end

How to understand that to the relations the end

Signs that the relations became obsolete appear long before a gap. The first calls - indifference to the partner, nonparticipation in his lives, refusal of meetings in view of strong fatigue or employment, etc.


1. Analyze the feelings which arise at the sight of the partner. If you understood that you do not show interest to each other any more, the relations, most likely, should be finished. Make the same if only one of couple ceased to love. Release even counter with own feelings. To force the person it is possible to be near, and here to return former warmth - no.

2. Remember when you saw each other last time. Whether there is at you desire to appear together? If is not present, then it is rather obvious sign that you do not want to meet any more. If it not the temporary phenomenon and a condition of alienation did not arise after the quarrel, and became the norm of life, it is better to break off such relations. Or they will develop into friendly, and then and friendly. It is possible not to be lovers, remaining good acquaintances and helping each other with everything. But this option of succession of events is possible only if one of the parties has no claims to the partner. Otherwise to leave without scandal it will hardly turn out.

3. Pay attention to behavior of the second half. It is possible that the new, parallel relations were entered. And they last already for a long time. Here you should not hope on peace restoration in couple. Even if the partner will choose you, the offense will be very difficult to be forgotten. There will be a misunderstanding and mistrust which all the same will break the union. It is possible to reconcile to a fleeting affair, but a long-term extramarital affair - the reason of disintegration of many marriages.

4. Stop to stand disrespect from the partner. Especially if he does not seek to receive forgiveness. Or is indifferent to common problems. Raised a hand against you and constantly raises the voice. Shirks discussion of far-reaching plans. One goes to a holiday, spends output and free evenings with friends. Does not want to show the face to your parents. All this signs that the second half will be able calls, consider yourself free for new love.

5. Do not confuse temporary cooling of the relations and the forthcoming gap. Even in the loving couples there are crises. Therefore you do not act rashly. Talk to the partner, find out what disturbs him. Only then make the final decision. Perhaps, the person was simply tired, he has a depression, the fingers are all thumbs. Then help him, give moral support. Such tests only strengthen the union, doing it strong and durable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team