How to understand that with the guy everything is over

How to understand that with the guy everything is over

Sometimes it is necessary to understand whether the relations became obsolete or once the young man gives one more chance. If you are at the crossroads, analyze a situation and listen to yourself.


1. Understand that with the guy everything is over if you ceased to feel in relation to him any warm feelings. Happens that the girl continues to be near the young man because of pity, on a habit or because of fear to remain one. On these motives it is impossible to construct the happy love union. Therefore it is important to be honest most with itself and to admit that love and interest in the man you do not show any more.

2. Analyze behavior of the young man. If he ceased in any way to express the feelings to you, does not show an initiative in your relations and does not aspire spends with you more time, perhaps, he grew cold to you. In this case you should not be imposed. If you are not necessary to the guy, he all the same will leave sooner or later. Instead of painful and long parting it is better to sort things out at once and to call the young man on straight talk.

3. Estimate prospects of your meetings. If during the present period you want to build the future together with a soulmate, and your young man holds in the head absolutely other vital purposes, maybe, to you to leave better. Analyze as far as your outlook, the attitude towards family, plans for the future coincides. If they cardinally differ, find forces to say goodbye to the young man and be engaged in search of more suitable candidate for gentlemen.

4. Look whether your relations develop. Perhaps, they got stuck at some stage, and both of you were bored by this novel for a long time. In this case it is worth recognizing that the successful union at you did not turn out, and with the guy everything is over.

5. Think whether your young man has serious shortcomings with which you cannot reconcile. You should not close eyes to essential defects in habits or character of the man who is near you. Understand that over time contradictions between you will only grow. If no compromise is possible, it is better not to torment neither itself, nor the guy.

6. Prislushayte to understand as far as to you it is comfortable in these relations. Analyze whether you feel happy or the novel brings you only chagrin, alarms and disharmony. If to you it is bad with the young man, it is better to leave him. Remember when you felt better: to or after the beginning of the novel. If you chose the first option, near you obviously not your man.

7. Estimate, it is how good to you with the young man in the intimate plan. Perhaps, in a bed is what to aspire to what to correct. If to any changes the guy does not agree because everything suits him, perhaps, time to say goodbye to this egoist came. Understand, intimate relations play an important role in private life. The disharmony in this sphere cannot be replaced with neither heart-to-heart talks, nor joint of hobby.

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