How to understand that you are not loved

How to understand that you are not loved

Women trust the intuition. They always feel when they are loved and when the attitude towards them becomes another. Often they do not want to believe that they could be stopped loving. Here then they also begin to doubt the intuition. Not to think and to guess, the man stopped loving or he has just some temporary difficulties, just observe his behavior.


1. If your beloved suddenly had too many cases, do not draw hasty conclusions. A lot of work can at it really. But you remember if he loves you, he will find time at least to call you and 5 minutes to talk. If you ceased to see it, he calls you time in several days, hardly he still feels something to you. Most likely, at it interest was gone to you. He does not feel need for communication and meetings with you any more.

2. When the person falls in love, he does not notice minuses of the half. All its shortcomings seem to him advantages or trifles on which you should not pay attention. But if the love passes, in even quite recently darling begins to irritate everything. If he is irritated by your words, actions, acts, it seems to him that you have to change, so its feelings passed. Perhaps, he does not accept your appearance any more? Then, especially, everything is bad.

3. You will notice at once if your elect stops being tender with you. He began to embrace less you and to kiss? Desire to make love to you arises at it more and more seldom? In a bed he as if sleeps? Reconcile to the fact that its feelings grew cold.

4. If your young man was always angry when other men showed you an affection, and now he does not pay any attention to it, it is a serious occasion to think, he loves you or not. Perhaps, he just began to trust more you, he is sure that you pay attention only to it. And there can be his love just died.

5. If you noticed that your darling began to lie to you recently, for certain he has a reason for a lie. And what if this occasion – other woman? When an opportunity drops out, imperceptibly check its phone for existence of calls and messages from unknown numbers. If it works, check its pages on social networks. If it becomes clear that it had another, so he does not love you any more.

6. Be attentive to the man. Analyze his behavior, without forgetting to take its character in attention. Some men by nature not too gentle and soft in communication with the ladies in spite of the fact that have to them true feelings. Or your darling just too overtired, and he needs rest. You do not hurry to break off the relations, without having convinced of the suspicions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team