How to understand the boy

How to understand the boy

Men and women often do not understand each other. It is connected with features of their thinking. With experience the people are accustomed to put themselves to the place of the partner, begin to understand an image of his thoughts, to feel interests and desires, but at early age it is not so simple to make it. Girls want boys to be with them sensitive and careful, boys, in general, not against, but understand all this somehow in own way. As a result of offense, a quarrel, chagrin. Try to understand that representatives of an opposite sex think and to accept their such what they are.


1. If you with your boy walk together for a long time, he heat treats you, but for some reason everything will not tell in any way that it feels to you, it is not necessary to think that there are no feelings or that he sees in you only the friend. Yes, anything happens. But boys seldom spend time for girls who are not pleasant to them. Most often matter in ordinary indecision. In this case try to take the first step, in it there is nothing unnatural.

2. If your boy insufficiently often, in your opinion, speaks to you about the love, it does not mean that he stopped loving you. Most likely, he sincerely considers that you and without reminders understand: since yesterday nothing changed.

3. If your boy sometimes communicates with other girls, do not think that you bothered it, and he looks for replacement. Most often, nothing means. To be jealous and make rows from scratch – not the best exit from this situation. Remember that jealousy it is destructive influences the relations. In the same way it is not necessary to take offense at the fact that sometimes he wants to spend time with friends.

4. If he suddenly began to be jealous you of people around, try to explain to him that you need only it. Most likely, it not strongly will help therefore do not forget to remind of it from time to time. Gradually he will begin to trust you more.

5. And here if he ceased to call, does not write, does not make appointment, refuses your offers, think. Each person is busy. But if the girl is really necessary to the boy, for several SMS a day he for certain will find time. In case it does not occur, try to find an opportunity to talk to it about it, remind that it is not indifferent for you. If after this conversation of attention to you does not become more, sustain a pause, be not imposed. In such cases the step has to follow from the man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team