How to understand the feelings

How to understand the feelings

Not always in the relations everything happens smoothly. Sometimes ourselves cannot understand the heart. But it is necessary to despair and be closed. Calm down and listen: perhaps, the answer absolutely is near.


1. Spend with the person more time. Whether it be walk, conversation or watching movies. Listen to yourself: what do you feel that you see in these eyes opposite? If the internal confusion does not leave, and, perhaps, only increases, move away from it.

2. Spend some time without personal or full contact with the person. Day, two, week. It is so much how many it will be necessary for you. Try to track, how often you think of it, with warmth or indifference. Someone became interesting to you another while it is absent nearby. Touch what connected you earlier: trips, common interests, stories, photos, correspondences. You should not look for something ""clinging"" meticulously. If it is, you do not miss it. It is also possible to try to make lists PROS AND CONS. As a rule, very few people go on it. But also such method cannot be written-off at once.

3. At last, having stayed some time in separation, meet the person. What emotions did you experience, having seen it? Tranquility or desire to embrace, come nearer and not to release anywhere. If you did not feel strong indications of desire to be with it, probably, the feeling passed. It is simple to release and remember with a smile. If to you opposite, having only seen it, there was a wish to rush to embraces, let you also did not make it, then you were approved in force and importance of your feelings. Live, you love and be loved. But, perhaps, nothing changed, and the confusion did not leave. In that case, if the person goes for contact and too wants to help you, just try to talk, or to give the chance to it to help to find the answer, so illusive for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team