How to understand, the guy will change or not

How to understand, the guy will change or not

Some women think that practically all men are inclined to unfaithfulness. Actually, it not so. Also there are methods allowing to predict in advance as far as any given guy is inclined to "campaigns on the left".


1. Study its family scenarios. If the father or mother of your acquaintance were not loyal to the halves, quite possibly, as he acquired the same behavior. Even if in words he condemns the parents for unfaithfulness, it will be difficult to it to keep from them. The most authoritative for it people did not consider shameful "to cuckold" each other. The loyal relation to an adultery in family of the man influence its family values. And he can be the unfaithful husband in the adulthood.

2. Ask him that he thinks of incorrectness in general. Most of people are not familiar with sociology, family psychology or medical statistics. In response to any questions demanding generalizations they give the opinion instead of the facts. Siegmund Freud called such behavior "projection": this attributing of the motives of behavior by another for the lack of reliable information about the reasons of their actions. If the man interesting you assures that all men change that it is only a matter of time, etc., it is quite probable that he judges by himself. In that case, it is worth relying on it with some care.

3. Take an interest in reputation of the guy among his friends and acquaintances. Certainly, gossips and a gossip – an unreliable source of information. And one opinion can mean nothing here. But if many people incline that your vis-a-vis can be incorrect, it is worth becoming thoughtful here. It is unlikely all at once agreed to slander the innocent innocent person, smoke without fire does not happen. Also it is worth learning the causes of its conflicts and partings with former. And if he threw them for the sake of others or left him because of incorrectness, how it is possible to trust in that, as with you the same story will not repeat? The chance that with age he will settle down is, but it is not really big.

4. Learn what type of women is pleasant to it most of all. Generalize how look what character his ex-girlfriends have. Or at least, what type of film stars draws its attention. Men can be beyond a habitual type, but for a while. Prior to the first meeting with typically "his" woman. If earlier he fell in love only with magnificent blondes, and you are a slender brunette, that is probability that sooner or later he will meet the ideal. Also it will turn out that you – at all not its fields berry. Besides, it is useful to look at mother of your elect. As a rule, men prefer the women similar to it externally or on character. If you have many identical qualities, the risk of treason can be much lower than if you are not similar at each other at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team