How to understand the man?

How to understand the man?

Female logic, female intuition, female memory, etc. Why such offensive and unfair stereotypes are thought up about women? Probably, because thought up them just men. But than they it is better, a good few of the weaker sex will be indignant? They it is not better. Also is not even worse. They are just others, and they think not as women. But how to learn to understand such ordinary and at the same time difficult men? Let's try to answer this almost rhetorical question.

How to understand the man and to open his secrets?

We daily face hundreds of situations when men behave at all not as we expected. How in that case to understand that the man wants? Here we will be come to the rescue by psychology.

Since the birth, boys even in development show difference from girls. For example, them it is more difficult to accustom to go to a pot and they begin to speak later. With age the situation only becomes worse. The emotions learn to hide boys, not to show them publicly and abuse for tears. As a result, practically such hybrid which hides the inner world from people around behind ambitions, manifestation of physical force and aspiration to independence grows from each young offspring. Actually men much more weakly and more emotionally than women. Due to suppression from parents, boys though grow up in strong and hardy, but remain fragile and sensitive inside. Each woman who wants to know how it is better to understand men has to remember this feature.

The specifics of male thinking in many respects differ from women's. From here multiple disagreements and quarrels follow. But if the nobility as the men's mentality is arranged, many problems can be avoided. Here some hints as to the woman to understand the man:

  1. The main aspiration of each man – to reach an image courageous, educated and self-assured and in the forces of the person. In other words, the man in everything seeks to be the first. Therefore he concentrates generally on the global purposes, to the detriment of "trifles" which can irritate him. It is very important to woman to understand this feature and in everything to support the elect. Problems can knock down the man, he can lower hands at any failure. And he will definitely not come to be cried. Therefore support of the woman is the vital aspect.
  2. One more nuance how to understand behavior of the man is that he until the end of the life in soul remains "boy". It is shown in confidence that he on himself is a godsend for the woman. And any criticism from its party will be given a hostile reception. Besides, the man it is not worse than the weaker sex are able to be capricious. The woman has to understand this property and be able to be sometimes as tender mother and not to pay attention to such trifles in men's understanding as the forgotten anniversary or lack of gifts and flowers.
  3. The men's logic is based on specifics. They do not perceive any hints, guesses and arguments. It is possible to go for hours around the beloved with the offended person, and he will not notice it and if you directly specify to the man that you took offense, he sincerely will be surprised to it. Therefore if you want to achieve mutual understanding, you speak about the desires and thoughts directly, without the hidden sense.
  4. The science confirmed the fact that the person thinks of two hemispheres. And if you puzzle how to understand the man, take into consideration that women generally use the right hemisphere which is responsible for feelings and emotions, and the left hemisphere which the stronger sex uses, is responsible for logic and reason.

How to understand feelings of the man?

One more question, important for any lady, is: "How to understand feelings of the man?". It is clear, that will decide to ask it directly very few people from women. Therefore the observation will be the best exit – language of his body itself will tell about its intentions. Let's consider how to understand the man on gestures:

  • if your elect sits in the closed poses since hands in pockets, palms are closed, legs are crossed or hidden under a chair – it does not feed for you a particular interest;
  • if the man looks to you in the face or his look falls on lips – he listens carefully and friendly is located to you;
  • avoiding of a look in eyes, a game with small objects (button, the lighter, a charm, etc.), frequent blinking, the confused speech and innuendo of phrases will help to convict the partner of deception;
  • if the man is interested in you, take into consideration the following gestures – a little slightly opened mouth, highly raised eyebrows, the head attentive "jog" by eyes on all female body, the pulled stomach and an equal bearing, the hand thrust into the pocket or a finger which is stopped up for a belt is inclined towards the interlocutor;
  • how to understand that it is necessary for the man to you also obvious sexual gestures will help – legs are placed more widely, than usually, or directed towards the interlocutor, often touches a hand a throat, fingers a collar or a tie, smartens up, stroke-oars hair, plays with the roundish objects reminding parts of a female body, palms lie on hips, a thumb is stopped up for a belt, the man does not stand still and kind of hops.

Considering all trifles and nuances, you remember that they concern not all men. From all rules there are exceptions. Ideal men are not. And to understand the representative of an opposite sex just be to it are attentive, you speak with it accurately and clearly, and then problems in communication at you will not arise.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team