How to understand what the man stopped loving?

How to understand what the man stopped loving?

Having found the half, the woman thinks that her elect — only and forever. At many, fortunately, and occurs, and some face what at some point lives begin to feel that the relations changed. There are thoughts: Whether He stopped loving me?, whether Changes me? How to understand whether really at your satellite feelings to you died away and what to do if it occurred — we will tell further.

How to understand that the man stopped loving: signs

That the man stopped loving the partner, will tell his behavior. Below the most widespread signs which demonstrate cooling of feelings from the man are considered.

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When we love, everything in the person suits us, everything is pleasant, shortcomings seem insignificant or even cause affection. When feelings to the partner weaken, each trifle in him and his actions causes irritation. The man will begin to notice more often trifles to which did not pay attention earlier. At first there can be remarks in an insignificant occasion, like badly washed dishes or at the wrong time the cleaned apartment. Over time it will begin to carp even at what is not present, inventing problems out of the blue.

The avalanche of reproaches will only accrue. If reproaches only appeared, try to talk to the man and to find out, than he is dissatisfied. Perhaps, you without suspecting that, made something is not right. But if the intelligible, quiet answer does not follow, and the irritable condition of the beloved lasts not one month, then most likely its feelings cooled down.

Unwillingness to communicate

Relationship between the man and the woman mean continuous dialogue. It both solution of the current questions, and just exchange of information, on that, how was your day. When the man ceases to discuss important issues with the woman, begins to ignore her opinion, does not want to share the thoughts or is not eager to hear council, plans rest without her, are bad signs.

Important! Most often, when the man stopped loving and shows it unwillingness to communicate, in a conversation with you he uses a pronoun I instead of we more.

Also the termination of calls during the day, evening rest together with the computer or the TV, not maintenance of habitual conversations behind a meal will be a signal that at your elect feelings died away. If you decide to call, he does not answer your call or notifies that he is very busy and is disconnected, or answers chilly, shortly, in monosyllables.

Communication with other women

Growing cold to the companion, the man willy-nilly begins to stare at other women. If he does it in the presence of the lady moreover both notices their advantages and compares them to her, noting not superiority of darling at all, then something wrong is obvious in your relationship.

Lack of compassion

In couple relations the passion dies away over time, the respect which continues to hold the man and the woman together succeeds. With the advent of indifference in relation to the partner, also the respect, sympathy, compassion to it leaves. Desire to support the companion at a difficult moment, to regret her after the unlucky working day or at the disease moments vanishes.

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Together with it there is desire to pin up, play a trick on the partner. Later rough sneers and insults are added to causticities.

The reasons that the man stopped loving

The frequent reasons for which the man grows cold to the woman are loss of interest in the companion or emergence of a new object for admiration.

Other woman

Men by the nature of a poligamna. It is difficult to them to remain sitting on one place, holding long communication with one wife's. Natural instincts push them on search of new feelings. But some are capable to suppress in themselves these instincts after find that only, and others, having stopped for a while, again continue search. As a result of it treason of the husband — the most frequent reason because of which couples fall.

Whether you know? In 2004 the biologist Li Simmonson interviewed group of permanent sexual partners, including 400 students and students, and found out that treason met in every fourth couple.

In this situation there are two options:

  1. The man found other woman and wants to leave to her.
  2. He met another, but cannot choose in any way to what lady to give preference.

The first situation though very painful, but allows to place instantly all points over i and not to torment each other. The second option heavier for women as men can skillfully hide communication on the party, living quietly on two houses.

Interest was gone

During joint life the partners manage to study each other in detail. There comes such moment when all actions of the partner in a bed are already known to the man, reaction to any given moment in sex, everything that he wanted to try and on what the partner agreed is already tested. To trifles also other moments of relationship, life are familiar. Days become monotonous, without bright flashes, novelties, the unexpected moments.

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As a result the woman becomes for the man the read book and as he on the nature the hunter, the opener — at it appears desire to find new victim. More often because the man loses interest in the woman, he starts to himself an affair on the party.

Reciprocal revenge

Happens so that the wife fools around or so tortured him suspicions of incorrectness that in spite of the fact that the man continues to love the darling, it has a keen desire to revenge it. Revenge can be shown in the form of treason or cooling of former feelings, shown earlier described signs.

Fleeting love

To learn, to be exact it is difficult to distinguish fleeting hobby of the spouse. Often it is shown as well as usual treason, but is more often in the latent form. The partner behaves remotely, cold. Loses intimate interest, ceases to care for the beloved, begins to hide gadgets, to put everywhere passwords. To all other, begins to pay attention to the appearance zealously. Usually such fleeting love happens in the resort and after the end of rest stops. It can happen at work with appearance of the new employee or when getting the man into new collective at job change. The girl passing by who was noticed fleetingly can sink into the soul, but managed to strike with the appearance. After fleeting love there has to pass time that the man could forget the image which disturbed his heart and returned to habitual life.

How to behave if the man stopped loving?

If you felt that your relations collapse, but you want to keep them as the partner is very dear to you, talk to him. It is not necessary to hide any offenses, suspicions. Even if it will turn out that all suspicions are vain, it is better to find out it as soon as possible, than to wind itself and to aggravate a situation. Only before the conversation it is necessary to look at himself from outside. Perhaps, the reason of cooling of the satellite that you ceased to watch yourself and lost a former spark in eyes. Having understood it, it will be easier for you to carry on a conversation with your partner.

Important! In a conversation be reserved, quiet, do not bring charges and do not fall into a hysterics. Female hysterics enrage many men because of what the situation can be heated even more.

It is undesirable to put ultimatums. If the person is driven into a corner, from hopelessness he becomes aggressive, begins to behave is unpredictable. Besides, it is not necessary to demand definite answer at once. It is necessary to give time for that the man realized everything, considered and made for himself the decision. But if during thoughts he continues to humiliate you, do not suffer and place all points over i at once. Psychologists advise in this situation to analyze the relations and their further prospect. In life there are always take-off and falling. They are present also at the relations. In each couple the approach of the period of cold is connected with the reasons therefore all signs need to be considered only in a complex, but not separately. If the woman understands that she loses the man, she immediately has a natural desire to return it. But it is necessary to think whether it is worth doing it. If all your attempts to come into contact with your partner are similar to attempts to enter the closed door, it is necessary to stop all actions and to remember that you have the right for happy life too.

Whether you know? Statistics claims that 45% of men are capable to be loyal, and 10% from them do it because are afraid to hurt the soulmate or to be left with nothing, and 35% — because at the time managed to be acquired.

Only some reasons for which the man can stop loving the woman are given in article. If you feel wrong, look narrowly at behavior of the man, check each point separately, and then analyze all situation in general. It is not necessary to try to hold the one who decided to leave you for a long time, but for some reason still did not make it. You should not be afraid of loneliness. It should be estimated not as a sentence, and as an opportunity to work over self-improvement and to begin new life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team