How to understand whether the man is married

How to understand whether the man is married

Your new acquaintance approaches on category of the man of a dream in all respects. Both beautiful it, and clever, and interesting. It seems everything is good in your relations, but recently something disturbs you. But whether he from you hides the marital status? If to look at its passport there is no opportunity, pay attention to his behavior. It can tell about the person more, than any documents.


1. Remember all your meetings with darling. Where do they usually take place? At restaurants, cinema or at your place? You were at it on a visit? If is not present, then it is an occasion to prick up the ears. The man does not invite on a visit if he lives with mother, the father, two brothers and the grandfather in the one-room apartment. And maybe, it has a full mess of the house, and it hesitates to show you it. Or at his place beauty wife and two kids.

2. Think whether there is a lot of at you mutual friends. Your man acquaints you with the relatives, friends, colleagues? If you are not familiar with anybody of its circle, do not hurry to fall into complexes. It is unlikely your darling hesitates of you. Most likely, it is simple to it to eat with whom to go to anniversary of the beloved aunt.

3. Call several times your young man after twelve in the night. Be not afraid to arrive impolitely. If he loves you, then will forgive this lovely prank. And if he never takes the call late at night, or its number is switched constantly off at night, think that he so protects. Own dream or nerves of the spouse?

4. Present to darling a gift which needs to be carried constantly at itself. It can be a lovely charm on keys, an amulet on a windshield in the car or an amusing bauble on a bag. If the gift is always on the same place where you placed it, most likely, your darling is free. And if your man mumbles something inarticulate about where your gifts got to, then look narrowly at him more attentively.

5. Pay attention as your elect is dressed and what car he drives. If he claims that he is free as wind, why to it the big family car with soft toys on back glass? If his clothes quite sound, well ironed and without uniform speck, were lucky you. Your man was accustomed to accuracy by mother. Or its appearance is watched by the wife.

6. Remember how you usually spend holidays. If you do not manage to celebrate together on March 8 in any way, New year or even its birth because every time there are absolute obstacles, is an occasion to look narrowly more attentively at your elect. It is possible that he celebrates holidays in the bosom of the family. And his family consists by no means not only of the grandmother and a red cat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team