How to understand, who in the house the owner

How to understand, who in the house the owner

The main thing in family each of lovers begins to define when the relations become rather serious. Sometimes persistent rivalry for domination does intolerable and impossible joint life.

As on behavior of the husband and wife in family to understand, which of them main

Newly married on a wedding try to overtake each other and to step on the bench hammer the first. By this old tradition who will take the first step that also will be in the house an owner. But all signs, councils and attempts to take away domination to itself recede into the background when enter life of newlyweds life, work and children.

Often the wife communicates with the husband with voices raised and continually screams: "How many times it is possible to ask you to hang up a shelf?", "Take out garbage!", "Why you constantly scatter the socks on all apartment?". If you see such relationship in someone's family, can think that the spouse in this case precisely main in the house.

But whether this is truethis is truethis is true? Only the person who is feeling like the true owner in the house can store over and over again socks under a sofa, ignore hysterical appeals to take out garbage and not to do that housework to which soul does not lie! The husband just perceives reproaches and grumble of the wife as a noise background and does TV loudness slightly more. One more typical family situation: the spouse successfully is engaged in the business, spends at work much time, it has an abrupt car, the solid office which is breaking off from calls phone and the wife housewife. Of course, many will decide that the husband — the owner in the house. But how to be with the fact that it carries out all whims of the spouse buys the 100-th fur coat, a foolish doggie, carries it on shops and refuses a meeting with partners for the sake of a tea drinking with the mother-in-law? It turns out that the husband exhausts himself at work only for the sake of satisfaction of whims of the wife. The spouse predominates here and will never release reins of government voluntarily.

Who else can be an owner in the house

With the birth of the child of a role in family can sharply exchange. Many parents, without giving itself in it the report, at once hand a crown and a scepter to the kid. The day regimen of adults submits to the periods of dream/wakefulness of the child, money is spent first of all for children's needs. And so up to growing and even aging of the dearest child. Pets can play a role of such owner despot in childless family. When the human component of family for hours discusses with the veterinarian a food allowance and grumig the pet, rises and lays down according to need to conduct a dog on walk, doubts in the one who the owner in the house, does not remain. It turns out that often main in family not the one who earns money and loudly expresses claims, and the one who it is free or involuntarily forces others to grant the desires.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team