How to understand, you like the guy or not

How to understand, you like the guy or not

It is sometimes not simple to understand own feelings. It is difficult to tell precisely that you test to the person – sympathy or love. But if to listen to the feelings, it is possible to understand himself and to decide on feelings.

Signs that the guy is interesting

When you are near this young man, the shyness, atypical for you, appears. You are afraid to tell an excess word not to look silly in his eyes. Thoughts are confused, and it is difficult to focus on the events.

Subjects by itself pass to discussion of an object of love. You with admiration tell about his jokes and tricks. You try to learn the opinion on it at girlfriends, and you extort information on it from his acquaintances. Sometimes it can be shown unconsciously, and you do not notice for yourself such signs. Ask the close girlfriend whether not too in your talk his name often flashes.

You attentively listen attentively to his stories. With interest you learn his addictions, favourite movies, games, music or books. Then you study, trying in such a way it is better to understand it. You try to find common interests and subjects that it was possible to start a conversation and to become a little closer to it. At night you dream romantic dreams with its participation. Sometimes the subconsciousness understands feelings much quicker than mind and prompts the necessary decision through dreams. But sometimes it can be caused only by your thoughts of that, the guy is pleasant or not. So you try on on him a role of the beloved and estimate the reaction to it.

Signs that the guy is pleasant

However there is a small side between "is simply nice" and "really it is pleasant". All above-mentioned signs show that you are interested in the young man, but does not show love. But if, except them, you notice for yourself and following symptoms, feelings definitely are. All his jokes seem ridiculous even if you laugh at them alone. Each its history carries away you, you are ready to listen to it for days on end. You try to do in time your meetings to happen and look at it excess minute. If it touches you even if it is accidental, heart begins to fight quicker. The head can begin to spin and on cheeks to appear the flush for nervousness. Your look constantly returns to a love object. Even if it is at you behind the back, you will try to find the reason to look back and imperceptibly to dart a glance at it. And if you meet eyes, with emotion take a look aside. If all of you still doubt the feelings, add a little imagination. Mentally present that he kisses you. Whether you revolt? Or such thought seems to you pleasantly concerning and desired? And if instead of a kiss to present a bed scene? Find answers to similar questions, and then you will be able to understand the feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team