How to wait for darling from army

How to wait for darling from army

The army is a heartrending experience for lovers. But you should not long when darling went to army. He will return all in a year, and ahead you will have the whole life.

How not to miss darling

Of course, completely it will not be possible to get rid of melancholy for the guy, but it is possible to distract a little. Closely be engaged in study or work, find to yourself a hobby, begin to learn a foreign language. Fill each day so that on melancholy there was no time left. Be more active, play sports - it increases production of hormones of joy. Year of expectation is a great way to learn something new. And the days filled with activity will pass quicker and more interestingly.

Make friends with parents of darling. It will be pleasant to them to communicate to the faithful girlfriend of the son, to discuss news about him, and you will feel not such lonely.

Find support at forums

In the Internet and social networks there is a large number of groups and forums for the girls waiting for darlings from army. There girls communicate, support each other, share the stories. In the same place it is possible to find also inspiring photos and video of already waited girls. To have a good time, participants of forums stage games and contests, post ridiculous photos and videos in posts. Such forums will allow you to feel among adherents and to transfer expectation easier.

To wait - does not mean to stay at home

Do not lock yourself within four walls. Communicate with girlfriends, you go with them to the cinema and in cafe, have a good time. Of course, each young man is in own way jealous, but vryad only your soldier will demand from you sitting of the house. Of course, you should not abuse his trust too, he will hardly approve night parties with the company of guys. However nobody will forbid to take a walk in the afternoon with girlfriends to you. If the guy is very jealous, you can invite girlfriends on a visit and organize a small house party.

Write letters

Now usual hand-written letters are rare and very romantic phenomenon. If you felt the next attack of grief, and to call the soldier there is no opportunity, write it the letter. Tell what new occurred in your life, what do you do, what you think of. Present that you talk to darling, you share with him news - and then the letter will be written easily and emotionally. You can draw something to the soldier or it will be very pleasant send him the photo - to him. Having expressed the emotions on paper, you will notice that the grief became much weaker.

The soldier will pleasantly be surprised if you send him a parcel. Usually send sweets, in army they very much are not enough.

Select lyrical songs and movies

Sometimes the grief does not need to oppose. All emotions, even negative, have to be splashed out. If you feel absolutely badly, allocate free evening and listen to lyrical music, watch movies about love. Most likely, rough feelings will gush over you, you remember the moments when were together with darling, and, perhaps, will even have a little cry. Such emotional shake-up will help to remove stress for a while. The main thing, be not late in dejectedness for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team