How to wake the guy

How to wake the guy

The men liking to have a sleep definitely do not feel big affection for the second half in the mornings. The fact is that girls usually much more scrupulously than young people treat an alarm clock ring. If practically every third man just ignores his ring, then most of girls by all means will go to gather work. What to do if every morning your young man with firmness endures all attempts in time to wake him?

It is required to you

  • In time to lift the sluggard from a bed, the alarm clock, a cup of freshly cooked coffee and also good mood will be required. You will be the first person who will be seen by your darling since morning.


1. For a start, make a tasty breakfast and call the beloved to a table. If food exhales great aroma, then the man will hardly refuse it. The main thing, do not insist and do not make scandal if he after all refused.

2. If the young man did not get used to have breakfast, then the cup of the coffee which is just made by your hands brought directly in bed will help to wake him. Here the guy will not get out any more. To fall asleep with hot coffee in hands at it it will hardly turn out. However there is in this method and a dirty trick. It is better to warn about morning coffee in advance, otherwise since morning it is possible to receive not proper response.

3. If all above-mentioned ways do not help, then just try to lay down near darling and to tell him for what wonderful day it waits. Make a voice as much as possible languid and tell to the sleepyhead that during the day it is expected by a lot of pleasant cases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team