How to warm feelings

How to warm feelings

After several years of happy marriage begins to seem to you that your joint life is ordinary and uninteresting. You lack real experiences, and emotional hunger deprives of you pleasures. Try to change a situation, having let in strong emotions the life – warm feelings.


1. The woman always has to remain a riddle for the man. Do you consider it impossible, you with the spouse know already so many years each other? Try to surprise darling. Absolutely no matter, what is the time you already together. Make so that your partner looked at you with other eyes. For example, you got used to go on the house in a dressing gown or a favourite sports suit. From time to time put on beautiful clothes. Surprise the husband, having met him in a new sexual dress and shoes on heels. Pretend that did not notice his amazed look, tell that you try on a dress for a party with girlfriends.

2. Do you remember how it was exciting to run once on appointments to darling? Show an initiative and give romantic party only for you two. Go to the cinema together or club. Dance, play bowling, try to relax completely these several hours, without thinking of work and affairs. You receive a fresh charge of energy, new subjects for a talk. You can intrigue the partner, having written him a note with the offer to be in the appointed hour in the specified place, for example, in new cafe nearby. Reserve a table in advance, and then appear before the spouse in an appearance, absolutely unusual for it. Do other hair, a bright make-up, put on in a new way: if you always wear skirts, dress the fitting trousers, or, on the contrary, put on pass.

3. To maintain interest in itself, you seek to be self-sufficient. Be not boring and banal, try to be different. Let the man try to obtain your love again and again, wins you, but does not think that he for the wife will descend also such what is. Also the small drop of jealousy is sometimes appropriate. Accidentally remember that last week met longtime student's love on the street and got to talking, tell about the pleasant fellow worker. Only be not overzealous, be accurate, you speak about it naturally. Do not forget to praise the partner and to admire of Remember that the praise affects men the same as aphrodisiacs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team