How to win against shyness?

How to win against shyness?

difficult relationship connects each of us with a great number of surrounding people, we build our interrelations who as can, and, in process of the understanding, constantly we create new. Considering that the world surrounding us is not friendly at all, we constantly make gaffes, but, we also regularly find forces to rise, draw conclusions from mistakes and to move further. It is especially heavy to arrange the life in this world to people, the blessed whether the gift, whether punishment – shyness.

You will look at such person – costs to itself aside, and tries to be imperceptible, and it becomes at once clear that the casual conversation with him will not turn out. The timid person, as well as any other, it wishes to be pleasant, but even more he is afraid of failure. The main question on which the constraining person has to give himself the answer whether I will manage to reach something, despite of modesty of the nature?

To learn whether it is possible, we should remember biographies of many celebrities also subject to a lack of self-confidence. Can seem to you strange, but a great number of writers and poets, musicians and actors speaking about the youth, remember it. For example, Jim Carrey, amazingly good comedian summoning arrangement only the mimicry admits that he during a time of the study at the university was very shy. He tells that he only thanks to persistent work on himself managed to reach the heights.

Indiana Jones, in real life Harrison Ford, remembers that he was so timid that even stammered. Of course, it created to him constant problems, and as he speaks, for strengthening of the character he began to be engaged in theatrics. Think how to it it was heavy what it costed it.

Musicians can appear not less constraining people also. Let's tell, James Hetfield, the leader of the Metallica group, speaks about himself in the childhood as about the quiet and constraining child too. Now its photo is hung out at that school where the quiet boy hesitated to open a mouth once again. He considers it surrealism.

Keith Moss, the star of podiums, in school days constantly exhausted itself different complexes. Remembering those years, it speaks about itself as about very uncertain child, however, it did not prevent it to become an idol and an example for imitation a great number of girls.

As we see, despite difficulties of the relations with surrounding people, persistent and persistent characters managed to achieve the objective. The shyness – not that obstacle of which it is necessary to do a universal problem is necessary only work on itself, on improvement of the character.

Psychologists constantly make recommendations how to overcome uncertainty in the forces how to realize the potential. Let's give the main of them and we will hope that they will be useful to somebody.

  • Try to understand what you hesitate of. Take the sheet of paper, list all situations where the shyness to you prevented to achieve success. What do you hesitate of, appearance, voice, personal opinion? Having understood itself, move further.
  • Just KNOW that any person, first of all, thinks of himself, but not of you. Diffident people are afraid to make something, constantly frightens them that others will tell about it. Understand, to them all the same. Be not under a delusion, considering that other people keep thinking of you.
  • Communicate, communicate, and once again communicate. Ask people questions, listen to their answers. Do not interrupt. It is necessary to study, both to speak, and to listen. Overcoming the fear of communication, you win against shyness.
  • Each person has both advantages, and shortcomings. Ideal people do not exist. The person consisting of some advantages as well as the person from some shortcomings is impossible is impossible. All of us are not perfect, we have something to aspire to. Mark out the strengths, work on them. Strongly develop.
  • Weaknesses, correct. The figure is not pleasant? It is time to play sports! The voice is unpleasant? Be engaged in it, put it. You are ashamed of the clothes? Earn and buy another, that that you want. Focus on a positive.
  • Take and write positive statements about yourself. For example: I am a confident person, I am persistent, I am successful. Write those lines which you want to develop in yourself.

Write as much as possible good about yourself. These beliefs will help you. In the morning, daily, take and read, what was written. Not less than three times, loudly and emotionally. So you will manage to design the personality as want. Understand, what we think longer and most of all of, that we also are. Having begun to work, do not put away for later.

  • Behave surely whatever was the situation. You hold a back directly, a look forward, you breathe exactly, the voice has to be equal and sure. People create labels in the heads, and paste them on other people. Prove to be! When you some, feel freely and relaxedly. So in what business, behave also and with people around.
  • Celebrate the victories over yourself in the personal daily log. Write down the achievements with emotions in this diary of success. The more sure records will appear in the personal diary, the further we will push the constraint disturbing us.
  • If you are afraid of something, go to a source of your fear. The fear is an illusion. If you want to discredit the shyness, move towards to the fears.
  • The person is so suited that feels much more surely when it is beautifully dressed. Consult to the one who well understands clothes, and fashion. Pick up to yourself suitable style.
  • Each of us in soul the actor. Take and play for yourself a role of the favourite film actor, in that movie where he plays the successful and confident person. Repeat how he goes as says how he behaves in any given situation. As a result, not only constraint will be gone, but you also will lighten yourself the mood.

Remember that constraint not your nature, is only the limiting settings in the head hindering the achievement of success. To be happy with itself, it is necessary to think of himself well. In a different way in any way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team