How to win back the man

How to win back the man

Parting - a usual life situation. The reasons are usually simple and ordinary: did not get on together, grew cold each other, did not manage to avoid quarrels, disputes and mutual reproaches. But all this superficial excuses, the essence of problems often is much more deeply, in characters of people and their ability to accept people around. Here only sometimes some of the parties suddenly decides not to finish the relations, and to let them on a new circle. Quite often in the matter the initiative is shown by women. The question of how to win back the man concerns with their time.


1. Consider the parting reasons with darling. You do not wave away from this problem general phrases about incompatibility of characters. Understand that having only removed the contention prime cause, you will be able to be happy together. Otherwise the attempt to begin all over again will not bring success. You step on same "rake" again. Remember how it is possible more in details, joint life with the loved one: scandals, mutual reproaches, discontent and, on the contrary, cloudless times. If for you it is so necessary to return the man, then it is necessary to become for him one and only. So, draw from past experience conclusions that it was pleasant to him and that – no. You seek to realize his desires: he wants to see near himself the housewife – become her, dreams of the business lady – and it should not become a problem. Only for a start solve: whether really you need it. Perhaps, it is worth finding the one who will accept you without changes.

2. Bring innovations in the image: change a hairstyle, change clothes style, lose weight or, on the contrary, add splendors to forms. At the same time do not disregard tastes of the beloved. Similar therapy usually helps women to feel inflow of forces and energy, to become more self-assured, to make an impression on people around. And, perhaps, an object of your desires will not remain indifferent. Once you already managed to win his heart. Therefore it is possible that this trick will work again.

3. In a quiet situation, without the increased tone, discuss your relations with the man (if parting was peace, then invite him to a friendly appointment). Listen, without interrupting, his opinion and claims. Perhaps, you learn something new and will manage to correct everything. In a confidential conversation you can state also the of discontent. And darling has to listen to you. If you feel that desire to return feelings is mutual, make the proposal of the first. This step not necessarily has to proceed from the man. The main thing that this conversation led you to a joint thought that it is not necessary to repeat old mistakes, and it is necessary to show consideration to each other more, validly and carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team