How to win male heart

How to win male heart

The share of a natural charm to a degree is present at each woman. However not any woman is capable to use skillfully the bargaining chips in the relations with the man.


1. The first what he pays attention at a meeting with the stranger, appearance to. Whatever representatives of a strong half of mankind spoke in this respect, they are frightened off by vulgar clothes and an aggressive look. The woman in men's representation has to look naturally that does not deny use of an easy make-up, etc. at all. Develop taste in clothes, you watch purity of a dress and a body. The man has to perceive you entirely, but not focus attention on the eyelashes which are stuck together by heavy lumps of ink.

2. If you already felt that you drew its attention, try to make so that the man remembered you. You show consideration for the perfume choice. Find the aroma and try not to change it for an appreciable length of time. For example, "having heard" a familiar smell on an appointment, the man will feel your approach. It is clear, that the perfume aroma should not force down from legs: it is enough to apply only 2-3 drops on the pulsing body points.

3. To win the man's heart, constantly improve own skills and seize new. The one who does nothing is not interesting. Broaden horizons, be interested in news, you go to premieres and exhibitions, read qualitative literature and try to spend as little as possible time behind phone calls and the screen of the TV. Men love intellectually developed women and very much are proud of them. Use sense of humour, but never laugh at weaknesses of the second half.

4. Do not forget to praise the man. As a rule, the male vanity is not tired to receive compliments, especially, from the loving woman. You say to it as you are proud of it, it is unimportant whether he managed to do chin-ups the whole ten times or perfectly held a business meeting. The main thing that in your eyes he will feel the hero and will want to pull up not one more tree.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team