How to win respect

How to win respect

People are social beings therefore it is extremely difficult to us to live without approval of people around. Respect – the highest extent of social approval therefore it is not so simple to achieve it. But if firmly to follow the moral principles and to respect needs of the people surrounding you, at you for certain it will turn out to win respect and for itself.

It is required to you

  • Moral principles
  • Will power
  • Courage


1. To win respect, the main thing is to be the man of his word. If you told that make something – surely make. The respect is given the one who can be trusted. If people around feel that it is impossible to rely on you, then they will definitely not respect you.

2. To win respect, be honest. You are surprised when you learn how a lot of respect can be won, having told the truth instead of building the labyrinths from a lie protecting you from troubles.

3. Be a person who is not afraid to oppose hooligans. It does not mean that you always have to argue and fight with the one who is similar to the hooligan. But if someone really does harm to people around, then be not afraid to rise and ask the troublemaker to stop. If you care for the rights of others, then you will undoubtedly win respect.

4. To win respect, surely encourage others when they do something good. When you let people around know that you appreciate them, they appreciate and respect you in reply. But do not overdo – you thank people only for those acts which are worth it. Be sincerely and are disinterested in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team