How to win the Aquarius the man

How to win the Aquarius the man

It is possible to get to fall in love the freedom-loving and pensive man of the Aquarius. Only it is necessary to choose the correct road to his heart. Follow certain rules of the game, and the man the Aquarius by all means will fall in love with you.


1. The Aquarius the man is very inquisitive, he likes to solve riddles. Awaken his curiosity, become for it a mysterious rebus which needs to be solved. How to make it? It is possible to make, for example, on his eyes illogical acts or to state versatile judgments.

2. The male Aquarius in love is not jealous therefore the abundance of admirers around you will not draw its attention. Reaction of people around to it is not important – the Aquarius will size up you independently. Try to interest the Aquarius, having shocked him. Even if in the opinion of the others you will look then strange, to the Aquarius you will seem to the man charming.

3. If you put on a cold and indifferent look, it will not help to subdue the man of the Aquarius but only will frighten off it. Arrive on the contrary: show to the man to the Aquarius friendliness, but at the same time surely keep self-respect. Sincere friendly feelings very much impose the Aquarius.

4. Try to avoid everything that causes irritation in the male Aquarius. For example, do not try to control it, do not limit its freedom and do not criticize his friends. Even the male Aquarius in love can lose to you interest if you deliver it some ultimatum, will reject his friends or will rummage around pockets.

5. Show tolerance and do not deride ideals of the male Aquarius. Otherwise he will lose to you respect. Surely show own rich inner world. With the Aquarius it is possible to speculate freely on abstract and philosophical subjects, and here it is not obligatory to answer private matters. It only to add to you in the opinion of the Aquarius a charm.

6. Usual sex for one night the man is not interesting to the Aquarius, in intimate relations it is attracted most of all by tenderness and romanticism. And for this purpose some time is necessary. But, if between you there is a magic attraction, it is possible to get to fall in love the man of the Aquarius. As soon as you completely seize his imagination, the Aquarius the man will become yours!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team