How to win the man if you are not an ideal

How to win the man if you are not an ideal

Women, far from ideal, have a chance to win the pleasant man even. Everyone has shortcomings, but the wisdom, cunning and ability to give themselves will help to hide some defects and to emphasize advantages.

It is considered to be that the man has to be the initiator of the beginning of the relations. Quite often women take this rule too seriously and refuse to take any actions even if have strong feelings. Especially hard to ladies with not absolutely ideal appearance or difficult character. It becomes the reason of development of complexes. To win the man, it is not necessary to be ideal in everything. It is only necessary to show female wisdom and to follow advice of psychologists. 

To smile more often

Smile - powerful weapon in seduction art. It serves as some kind of message and lets the man know that it is pleasant to the woman. It flatters his vanity. If there is desire to win and fascinate the closed and unapproachable person, it is difficult to do without smile. Many men show rather free behavior, but at heart they can be modest, indecisive. Most of men are afraid to hear refusal. The female smile liberates, attracts and adjusts on the necessary harmony. 

To admire the man

Men very much love when they are praised or even admire them. The women wishing to construct private life should note it. Psychologists assure that not the ideal woman who is perfectly knowing art of a praise has much more chances to win the man, than at the cold and unapproachable beauty whom only she interests. At the same time the expressed admiration has to be sincere. Each man has a set of qualities, praiseworthy therefore to think out something and it does not make sense to lie. 

To be attentive

If the woman wants to be pleasant, she should be more attentive to the elect. It is necessary to learn to listen to him, to be interested sincerely in its affairs, hobbies. It is not obligatory to show at all own knowledge of area which is interesting to the man. It is enough to show genuine interest and to give it the chance to tell about the hobbies, about work. It allows the man to feel own importance. 

To work over appearance

For gaining the man it is not necessary to have ideal appearance, but self-confidence, in the appeal is important. To fall in love with itself, you should not forget about body, face care, about small female pleasures in the form of a visit of beauty shop, to the gym, in massage parlor. Working on appearance, it is necessary to be guided by an ultimate goal. If the man is necessary for the easy and noncommittal relations, it is possible to afford very open dresses, a bright make-up. When the woman has more serious plans, she should put on and be painted more frostily, but at the same time is effective. 

By means of competently picked up clothes and skillfully imposed make-up it is possible to hide shortcomings and to emphasize advantages. It will allow the woman to feel more surely. Men are attracted by such power. The well-groomed and well dressed woman makes a strong impression on men. The bright appearance serves as a signal that she has a need to build the relations, to love and be favourite. 

To show the best qualities

If there is a wish to win the man, at the initial stage it is worth refusing bad habits and to show only the best qualities. It is not about desire to deceive the elect, and about work on themselves. Refusing some habitual things, not the ideal woman has a chance to change themselves to the best. 

Trying to obtain attention of the man, you should not be jealous him, to stand on nasty hind legs, to reproach, be excessively impressionable and whining, irritable, imperious. The women experiencing difficulties in creation of the relations often realize the problems. It is necessary to be able to recognize own mistakes and not to do what is not pleasant to men pushes away them. 

To try psychological games

If the woman insufficiently bright, attractive and the man does not pay any attention to her, it is possible to try to play with it psychological games, to poflirtovat. Demonstration of genuine interest, a praise not always work. Many men hesitate to invite to an appointment or perceive such pleasant woman as the girlfriend with whom it is good and interesting, and over time get used to such communication at all. To force the elect to reconsider the relation to itself, it is necessary to take a break and to step aside, not to call, not to show the face to it or even to begin to avoid it. In this situation it will become interesting to the man that was the cause for such changes. He will begin to show activity and will reconsider the relation to that with which it was so pleasant to it to spend free time. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team