How to wish happy birthday the guy

How to wish happy birthday the guy

It is always far simpler to think up a gift - birthday greetings for the girl, than for the guy. Why so? Because men for us is, after all, a novel depth. What happens at them in soul? How do they think, feel, reflect? To women of it never to understand. Therefore it is so difficult to think up that can please them that really will be pleasant to them. You will be able to find several ideas in this article if you got into a similar situation.


1. For a start make active all the creative potential and think what of your talents you will be able to apply in a congratulation. Not bad you write verses? Write to the young man the poem, it is very touching way of a congratulation. Well you draw? Paint to it as a gift a picture. Perhaps, you well sing? Record as a congratulation the song for the young man, or even execute it for it live. But even if you have no such pronounced talents, it is surely possible to find a way creatively to congratulateof guy happy birthday.

2. Try to surprise him. The words "I Wish Happy Birthday!" on a store card will surprise nobody for a long time and will not please. Order (or make with own hands) some souvenir with its image, or organize some flashmob in his honor. Or cry out a congratulation during parachute jump. Generally, try to surprise him. Just so that his surprise was pleasant – you should not shock the person on a birthday too.

3. Organize a party in honor of the guy. Call the and his friends, register the scenario, think over treats and the cultural program, but the main thing – let all this will become for it a surprise. Entice it on this party under some innocent pretext, and then arrange a surprise, but that everything as it is necessary – light inclusion, loud shouts: "Surprise!" and the dumbfounded and happy face of your friend. Only you remember that surprises love not everything, in advance find out how the guy belongs to any sort to surprises.

4. Arrange for it a romantic dinner. It not necessarilynot necessarily has to be the dinner at expensive restaurant is more likely option for spouses. You can go to a usual pizzeria. But it will be absolutely remarkable if you make a dinner independently. Get some unusual festive recipes, provide romantic atmosphere – with festive table layout, with candles and all other. It is difficult to find the person who would not like such congratulation.

5. If you do not differ in courage at all and are afraid to state everything that you want to the young man, then you will be helped by modern technologies, for example, of SMS. Such type of a congratulation is considered in the way for the laziest which just are difficult even for calling, but sometimes this way appears the real lifesaver for modest women. If you cannot find forces to congratulate the young man personally, just write him the touching SMS message.

6. Actually, ways of birthday greetings there is a huge set. The main thing – be not afraid to be original and sincere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team