How to wish Happy New Year: original ideas

How to wish Happy New Year: original ideas

New Year's holidays are sincerely loved by both children, and adults. Every year we wait for a New Year's miracle: gifts, congratulations, treats and fun. Many of us long before approach of New Year's holidays think of how it is possible to wish originally and beautifully Happy New Year relatives, friends, colleagues and just good acquaintances.

 It would seem what can be simpler – rather simply to buy a suitable gift and to put it under a fir-tree or to hand to the addressee personally in hands, accompanying donation process with a New Year's congratulation. But in practice we often should puzzle also over the choice of a gift, and over the composition of a suitable congratulation, and over what surroundings for a festive congratulation it is better to choose. 

  • If you are going to congratulate small children, try to arrange for them the present New Year's fairy tale – believe, they will appreciate your efforts: impressions about a magic holiday often become the most pleasant memories from the childhood for many people. It is good if the kid is wished Happy New Year by Father Frost: the child for certain will like the fact that the fantastic wizard will give him presents personally. As a last resort, it is possible to put gifts and under a New Year tree that the kid found them in the morning.
  • Ideal option at the same time to wish a large number of people Happy New Year – festive SMS messages. It is possible to call this way of a congratulation really universal: Sending a New Year's congratulatory sms, you will be able to give to each person a part of heat and festive mood. The text of such message can be thought up independently, and it is possible to use ready congratulations. Today on many websites the whole collections of texts for New Year's SMS congratulations are collected: both in prose, and in verses.
  • How it is the best of all to wish Happy New Year fellow workers? It is possible to be limited to small New Year's souvenirs or festive cards. But if you want your congratulations to be remembered to your colleagues for a long time – congratulate them on the coming holiday in playful and cheerful way. In many companies there is a tradition to employ leaders to wish employees Happy New Year according to the interesting and original scenario. But it is possible to think up unusual congratulations and independently – it is rather simple to connect the imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team