How to write that we leave

How to write that we leave

Often happens so that your relations with the man ceased suit you, became obsolete or reached a deadlock. If you understand that you will have no joint future, then it is not necessary to spend time for nothing and to tell him that you leave. To avoid awkwardness and a long conversation, and also to preserve the time and nerves, we advise you to write to it about it by e-mail.


1. Report about the decision at once, in the first lines of the letter. If he wants to find out the reasons and motives which forced to make you such decision, he will read it further. In case to it there are quite enough only information that you need to leave, he will not begin to spend the time for clarification of the reasons any more.

2. If you think that your motives after all are important for it, then state them. Do not describe special cases, try to generalize those lines in its character or behavior which make your coexistence impossible. You have to explain very intelligibly that your love passed, and there are no chances of its return any more even if some of shortcomings will be corrected

3. Even if you already know with whom to replace it, it is not necessary to explain your gap with appearance of the new man, you should not strike additional blows to his vanity. Besides such argument does not put an end in the relations at all, and allows to hope that if the rival is eliminated, then you can be together again. You will just provoke a showdown between the men and not the fact that the new beloved will want to fight for you in the presence of such active admirer.

4. Do not refer in the letter to opinion of girlfriends or parents – it too will only embitter it against the innocent people wishing you good luck. Also it is not necessary to write a silly phrase "Let's remain friends", in such situation it will sound humiliating for the person who was rejected. Undertake responsibility for the assumed decision exclusively firm point which is not allowing to hope for what you can change the mind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team