How to write the book to darling

How to write the book to darling

Darling is worthy not just cards, not just recognitions, - he should write the whole book. There will not be enough limited number of words to express all love, all admiration... Therefore safely arm with a feather and paper (or you sit down at the computer and start the text editor) and begin to write.


1. No, stop! Just like that, all of a sudden, nobody begins the book. At first think what will be your book. This concept to a certain degree extensible. You can collect all your most favourite photos and to issue big an album, having accompanied images with original signatures, quotes which will precisely capture the photo essence, or own verses. What expensive to darling will be this book! Whether it is worth beginning the fifth volume of ""War and peace"" if your darling estimates also such gift?

2. If after all there is a wish to feel Chekhov, Tolstoy or at least someone less considerable, then and here do not rush to all heavy. Your book can also be documentary, can present itself the story, the small novel go big article, the essay, a reasoning, the collection of poems in prose. If you feel in yourself talent of the poet, can undertake also the poem (it is only not necessary to confuse itself with Homer and to devote to darling new ""Illiad""). Here only your preferences and sober assessment of own abilities are necessary. Do not undertake what you are definitely not able to do: it will turn out vulgarly and ugly.

3. Issue the book respectively. You write it to the dearest person in the world. You are connected by love, passion, common interests and dreams... Therefore at registration of the child consider not only own ideas of taste, harmony and beauty, but also representations of the young man. You can be sure that pink color and the flavored paper - it is healthy, and he would like to see a ""semi-antique"" leather cover and printed on some pages ""ink spots"".

4. What you neither wrote and kind of you nor issued the child, do all this with love. Most likely, you will happen to present such gift only once, so many efforts are demanded by its creation. Therefore you do not hurry at all and, on the contrary, do not drag out excessively process. It is better to have several days off after completion of work, than the whole month - prior to the beginning of it. Do everything with great attention and love, and your darling will precisely appreciate a gift.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team