How to write the letter on parting

How to write the letter on parting

Seldom there is it that both partners make the decision to stop the relations. Most often it to occur at the initiative of one of them. In this case "Forgive" to some of the least painful ways to tell the last the letter on parting is.


1. Take the sheet of paper or sit down at the computer and try to write all words which would like to tell the second half. Delete to start nothing and do not edit. Only after words run low, look at the turned-out text with a fresh pair of eyes.

2. Make the letter logical. Your loved one has the right to know about the parting reason. If there was an objective occasion (new love, impossibility to wait for the end of separation), write about it, it is kind of cruel did not sound. Realize that this letter you want to put the final end to the relations therefore it has to be categorical, though sparing.

3. Write so that not to give up useless hopes and not to make promises. If you made the decision to report to the second half about intention to leave by means of the letter, be consecutive. Do not speculate with the general romantic memoirs even if it is pleasant to you to think of those, the moments which you endured together. For you they already managed to become also history, and all will seem to your former beloved chance to return.

4. Tell thanks for everything that was in your relations. Being an initiator of a gap, you can though a little to facilitate a condition of the being, having sincerely thanked him for everything that you tested near it.

5. Such text can be one of versions of the letter on parting: "We cannot be together any more. I know how to you it is painful, but I cannot arrive differently. Perhaps, sometime in the future you will understand me and will forgive. It is sure, you will meet the happiness, and everything at you will be good. Thanks for everything that was between us. Once again forgive".

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