How to write the letter to my family

How to write the letter to my family

Support of communication with the immediate family becomes especially important if the person has to live or work, for example, far from them. But for phone calls and communication online sometimes there is not enough time therefore classical letters come to the rescue.


1. Think over the plan of your letter. If you write family infrequently, for example, once a month or even more rare, it will be expedient to remember all main events which happened to you during this time that to forget to mention nothing. Choose relatives to whom the letter will be directed. You can write it to all at once or address to the wife or the husband, the brother or the sister, your children, etc.

2. Begin the letter with the pleasant address to the immediate family, for example, "Dear wife and children", "My dear daughters", etc. Report how you strongly missed family. Describe your feelings in long separation and take an interest whether relatives forgot you. Ask family members as they feel whether all are healthy. Also write how the situation with your health is.

3. Start the story about the latest events which happened to you lately. Concentrate on those which could be the most interesting to your family. For example, most likely, they will want to learn whether you achieved the objective for the sake of which you had to leave how soon you will be able to return or invite family on a visit. Your financial progress, and to children – interesting places which you visited special meetings, gifts which you for them prepared, etc. can be interesting to the spouse or the spouse.

4. Remember about what you communicated with relatives before departure or in last letters. Take an interest whether they satisfied your requests, manuals and also as in general the situation is at your place that changed in the city or even the country if you are located abroad.

5. Report when you are able to write to family again, to come to visit them or to return for ever. Tell that you very much love all and constantly think of your family. Say goodbye and sign the letter. You can apply to it a beautiful card, the drawing or a small souvenir to make even more interestingly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team