How to write the letter to the girlfriend

How to write the letter to the girlfriend

Girls – strange creations. They say that they are auditory therefore they need to give constantly compliments and to tell for what you fell in love with them and what they are beautiful and kind. To tell such things in eyes not always happens simply, but an exit is – about feelings it is possible to write. You just describe everything on paper what it is difficult to tell confidentially about, and transfer to the girl. Today, with development of the Internet and e-mail, it is possible even to transfer nothing once again not to be confused. To write the e-mail – and it's in the bag. Stop and how to write it?

It is required to you

  • Computer, paper, handle, card


1. Strangely enough, most of men absolutely sincerely cannot understand why to write women of the letter. Say, occupation this silly and senseless. But actually it far not so. It is simpler and more convenient to many women to speak about the feelings in the letter, and to receive the love message from the man – just top of dreams of any girl. Therefore reject all the doubts far away and write. Of course, at first it is necessary to present about what there will be your letter. If you want to admit to the girlto in love is one and if just you are going to tell what it beautiful and clever – is perfect another. It is important not to digress and let know from the very beginning that you write not just like that but because it is very important.

2. Be not afraid to seem silly or persuasive. Women perceive love letters with great awe. And, most likely, darling will re-read each line of your message many times to squeeze out of it all the most gentle and intimate. Any nonsense written in such letter surely will seem lovely and original, and those trifles which you do not notice at all will become the most important and easily will tell about what is not written directly. But it does not mean that it is necessary to grind the letter, giving it an ideal look and the form. Write in a simple language, so, as if you talk to the darling alone.

3. Try not to make mistakes. Programs for spellchecking and a punctuation now automatically check any texts, but many words are written in different options, and the computer easily can pass your mistake. Not to fall in eyes of the beloved, check everything several times, avoiding too difficult turns and offers. Remember that from you it is not required to write the composition or article to the scientific magazine. Your purpose is to reach the girl's heart. And its intricate the offer without contents will hardly interest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team