How to write the letter to the young man

How to write the letter to the young man

It is always pleasant to receive romantic letters though in our century of short SMS it is harder and harder to find for them time. Almost forgotten epistolary genre will not allow to die away to the love relations at distance and will help to give your feelings most fully.


1. You will choose a way of sending the letter. If you decided to send a mail, accompany it with lovely photos, add amusing hearts, ridiculous drawings. In a word, use all opportunities which are offered by your post browser.

2. If you prefer the classical letter in an envelope, also show imagination. It is possible to send, for example, the message on an amusing card or to ornament the sheet of paper independently.

3. Begin the letter with a cheerful greeting, report that you love and you miss, and then state the latest news even if insignificant. Be laconic. You should not light the day from beginning to end. Describe amusing or pleasant events, leave a negative beyond the scope of the letter. Let the news from you will be dobra.

4. Tell mutual friends that you write the letter, let they will share news too. Your general photo against the background of favourite places for walks will be not superfluous, it for certain will please the addressee.

5. Tell about what movies were watched recently what impression on you was made by any given events, you share the experiences, positive emotions. Surely ask the guy on his life, do not hesitate to learn about health, let he will tell as well as with whom he spends time.

6. Share the plans for the near future, let your future will be the general, let the guy know it. It is also possible to remind of the feelings, however you should not fill out the letter with exclusively love recognitions. If you are ready for a serious conversation, postpone it until a personal meeting better. At distance you should not solve global problems, it is fraught with rash decisions, you can be misunderstood.

7. Be sincerely. Remember that strong feelings only get stronger in separation. Let your letter keep heat of your love, then distances will not be able to separate you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team