"I am pregnant with darling!", or why you should not joke so for April 1

"I am pregnant with darling!", or why you should not joke so for April 1

"I am pregnant" is, one may say, already traditional draw for April 1. To draw the second strip on the test, to represent toxicosis or to find the printout of result of ultrasonography - that only will be thought up by girls that as it is possible to play the guy more plausibly. But here for some reason not all guys understand such jokes therefore there are quarrels or partings. Matter in lack of sense of humour at men or in something another?

Most of girls, organizing similar draws, secretly hope not only to laugh with all the heart, but also to check reaction of the guy and thus to learn how he treats it whether plans the joint future and creation of family.

The main reason why you should not joke so, so is that the guy can believe (simply not all remember about April 1). And if the guy to believe, then innocent prank can lead to serious consequences.

Yes, the man, especially if he consists in the long family relations, can want children from the beloved and wait when there comes this happy moment. Such ridiculous joke can cause in it joy and euphoria. And it is possible, he will even manage to report about so joyful news to the relatives.

But what will be when the truth opens? It can become the real blow for it, and he will apprehend this joke as mockery and a mean act.

To be not ready to the birth of children – it is normal. The reasons can be different: lack of psychological readiness, lack of necessary level of material benefits and financial stability. And such, apparently, innocent joke can cause fear and panic in the young man. The birth of children is a huge responsibility! And what range of feelings will be experienced by the guy, having learned about such news?

Except heavy emotional blow, understanding that thus the woman wanted also to check feelings can upset the man too. Thus she shows what does not trust it.

But if suddenly the guy decides that such joke the woman decided to provoke intentionally a quarrel and to spoil the relations, then it can become for him a powerful reason for parting.

Besides, among men there is an opinion that modern women use pregnancy and motherhood as a way of manipulation and pumping out of finance from the child's father. Therefore there is a risk that thus it also will apprehend this very unsuccessful April Fools' joke. Especially, if couple only begins to build the relations.

And still modern men are able to consider and know from where children undertake. Therefore having heard such news and having made simple calculations, the guy can suspect soy the girl of treason. And even after innocent deception will be opened, the unpleasant deposit can remain.

For certain many heard or read a story about the boy shepherd and wolves? When the boy grazing sheep, having seen woodcutters, decided to play them, having cried at all forest "Wolves! Wolves! Help!". Woodcutters threw everything and rushed to save the young shepherd, and no wolves existed. Two times to the boy were succeeded to play woodcutters and when wolves really attacked, on a call for help nobody came running.

The lover of April Fools' draws under the name "I Am Pregnant" also can get into a similar situation.  

To those men at whom women like to organize similar draws, I would advise to joke on the topic "Darling I Have a Mistress, and She Just About Will Give Birth to Me to the Son Soon". Also it is not necessary to say that this miscellaneous. Both jokes have no relation to good humour.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team