I do not want to live – what to do?

I do not want to live – what to do?

"I do not want to live more". Sometimes such phrase can be heard absolutely from any person. The reasons of such mood there can be a weight: loss of darling, crisis in life, financial or other problems. Depending on character and age the power of desire to leave this world can vary. But one remains invariable – there is no wish to live to the person any more. From where does so much negative and pessimism undertake? Also can be it is worth looking once again at the life, but already from a different angle? Let's try to understand this problem and to find means of egress.

Why the person does not want to live?

Let's begin with the fact that practically all who want to commit suicide are engaged in self-deception. Death will not solve all problems, and will only add them to relatives and the loving people. But on the other hand, if there are no forces to live what to do, and where to look for a source of the solution of all problems? Often, under the words "I want to die" or "I do not want to live" actually the implication "is meant I do not want to live SO". That is without what the person did not think of the existence, was lost also instead of habitual plans, hopes and desires the emptiness was formed. Or on the contrary, negative events so press on the person that he appears on the verge of the physical and mental capacities. Very often against the background of dejectedness there is a depression, and the one who says a phrase: "I do not want to live" unconsciously begins to develop in itself psychosomatic frustration. In other words, thoughts are attracted, become material and the person can really get sick and die. That not to allow it, it is necessary to show consideration for the thoughts, and for behavior of the relatives, especially in crisis situations. The slightest manifestation of at least one thought of suicide has to become the disturbing call inducing to urgent actions.

What to do if there is no wish to live?

Let's consider two various situations. In one of them, we will present that you heard a phrase from the loved one: "I do not want to live more". What to do in this situation and how to behave? Implement the following recommendations:

  • first of all it is necessary to listen to him attentively. Without interrupting, without showing the emotions, and without condemning. Even if you appeared under an impression of heard, try not to prevent the story-teller to finish the narration;
  • check whether there is a real threat of commission of a suicide. For example, the person can tell that he plans suicide or to tell that he already did attempts. Warn that you will not begin to keep this information around;
  • do not answer the person with simple stock phrases of type at all: "You just overtired", "You need to take a vacation and to have a rest", "Descend, buy something tasty", "Descend, walk", etc.;
  • if the person does not want to live, it means that he are in a condition of extreme despair. Treat a situation very seriously and support him in every way. Remind that any situation the end comes sooner or later, and the condition of depression will pass too. If a situation absolutely heavy, it is important to resort to the psychotherapist urgently.

The second situation consists in search of an exit if you have no forces further to live. Let's understand how to find in ourselves these forces and otherwise to look at the life and we will find out why you "just" do not want to live.

  1. Obsession with problems. Discharged from office, the child shirks school, the loved one died, debts a huge number, it is unknown where money to take and so on. Try to forget for a second about the thoughts and just to observe small children. They are not able to cry for fun as it is done by adults. Every second the life they worry as true happiness or the tragedy. They are able to forget quickly about a problem and to switch to positive thoughts and occupations. Every second the life they worry for hundred percent. Children do not make meaning of life, they just live and enjoy life. Why not to begin to study at them?
  2. Global view of the vital phenomena. Many people often are depressed because of allegedly uselessness to people around. Certainly, there are absolutely lonely people living kind of in alienation. But even they have a thought of getting an animal who will love sincerely and always. So can you should not be obsessed that once you for some reason were left without darling. Reflecting on the end of the life, you risk and to remain lonely, without knowing that perhaps the destiny already prepared for you a new fine gift.
  3. The occupation which is not bringing to joy. Very many are led up excessively when there is no wish to live at all them by with own hand created way of life. For some reason very few people dare to be engaged in the fact that he really is pleasant to it, putting stable earnings, prestigiousness of a profession and opinion of people around in a priority. Any of the reasons does not justify that depression which at some point lives becomes inevitable. Perhaps, after all it is worth doing favorite thing? Even if this hobby which simply increases mood. After all, can do this simple occupation and there are your calling and meaning of life, but you consciously hesitate of it?

Whatever occurred in your life, you remember: time heals, life goes on, also you possess it only! Any tragedy will be forgotten over time, the majority of problems are solved by itself, and the destiny sends us only those tests which we can do. Think what lesson can be taken out from those circumstances which nearly deprived of you so wonderful and surprising life. Be yourself and do only what is pleasant to you. Then you learn to appreciate the life and to see it only from a positive side.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team