If the guy is more friend, than darling

If the guy is more friend, than darling

Sometimes feelings cool down, there are only a respect and friendly feelings. Some people do not pay attention to it and continue to meet though there is no love any more. If you are not ready to it, try to report about it softly to the partner and to leave the relations.


1. Think whether you are sure that feelings died away? Perhaps, such thoughts are caused candy buketnoy by a phase of the relations? Its duration for each couple differs, but at the end often there is a feeling that there is no love any more. Actually your relations pass to other stage where the passion dies away, but tenderness and respect come to its place.

2. Try to return former feelings. Perhaps, you perceive the guy as the friend because of problems in the relations? For example, he constantly vanishes at work because of what you have no time for walks and romantic appointments. Then there can be a feeling that you are just friends though it and not so. Tell the guy that you want to see each other more often and add to romanticism meetings. Remember, than you liked to be engaged at the beginning of your relations, and repeat it. It can stir up your feelings, and you fall in love with the young man again.

3. Frankly talk to it. Tell that you feel cooling in your relations. You should not say at once that you do not perceive it as the favourite guy. Try to find problems in the relations, without opening the main reason. Perhaps, through joint efforts you will be able to reanimate feelings and again to become happy couple.

4. But if you are sure of the decision and have no romantic feelings to the young man, suggest to finish the relations. It will not be honest in relation to itself and to the partner to continue the relations without love. You need to make the decision – to leave finally or to try to remain friends

5. For a conversation it is necessary to choose the quiet public place. It is the best of all to choose cafe with a small amount of visitors. So you will be able to talk in the neutral territory, without noise, but in the presence of other people. It is not necessary to speak about parting alone, you do not know how your partner will react. In case of aggression you will always be able to leave or call to the aid.

6. Do not use the young man's shortcomings as the reasons for parting. Honestly admit that you do not feel to it love any more, there were only a friendly sympathy and respect. Remind of its positive lines, tell that he will surely meet the suitable girl. Do not delay farewell - there will be enough 15 minutes.

7. If you want to be on friendly terms further, it is not necessary to offer it at once. Give to the person time to depart from a gap and only then write it SMS or the message on social networks. Ask about its affairs, learn a situation, and if he endured parting and is ready for communication, suggest to become friends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team