If the woman speaks ""no"", what does it mean actually

If the woman speaks ""no"", what does it mean actually

It is known that women have a special logic of construction and expression of own thoughts. It is incomparable with traditional logical conclusions and is unclear to men. The women's refusal not always is strong, irrevocable and unambiguous.

When women answers in the negative to the man, it does not mean still that everything is lost. For example, it is shown in situations with the offer to enter joint life or it is even simple to begin to meet. As a rule, the woman wishes to receive at the initial stage more courtesies from the gentleman and does not seek to transfer the relations to serious courses quickly.

She needs to receive the portion of the romantic relations, beautiful recognitions and to see from the elect of worthy acts. The woman, speaking "no", can urge the partner to show ingenuity and persistence in the behavior and the attitude towards her.

It needs to pay enough attention that she felt one and only. She does not want to force events, and needs compliments, surprises and the patient relation. Perhaps, the similar behavior can seem a whim, but the conversation goes about the woman, and she can afford it.

It is worth noticing that some women are able to give evasive answers when they doubt as it is necessary to arrive in any situation better. However such ability is not observed at the majority. Being rather impulsive at heart, women can tell at first, and later time to begin to reflect, analyze and doubt. Women, wishing to show character and to show the independence, do not want to put themselves in a rigid framework and to give definite answer. They refuse not because against but because are not sure that they can agree at the moment. The understanding man will not perceive unambiguously every minute decision of the woman on refusal. He will report that he does not hurry her with decision-making, and she can consider still some time everything. As a rule, such relation touches the woman, and she really changes the initial opinion. Women do not like persistent aggression and pressure, but they are not capable to resist the real gentlemen who behave with them beautifully and nobly.

Of course, you should not exclude from attention that in some cases the women's refusal can be sincere, conscious and final. In such situations the woman is not predisposed to jokes and playful mood, and opposite, is rather quiet and serious. She consciously expresses the will, and he needs to be respected. If thoughts and acts of the man have serious character, then it is possible, the woman will change the made decision and itself will report about it to the partner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team