In what family there will be happy a child

Parents always wish the child good luck, only time of their concept about it wrong. That the child was really happy, it is necessary also for the father with mother such to be.

It is natural to care for the child for parents, they always dream that their son or the daughter will be successful. Failures of children are perceived as insult, charges to the second half that the child the numskull and pettiness, all in it, can achieve nothing immediately can fall down.

It is necessary to love the child

To love the child does not mean at all that he has to have all the best, and parents have to rasshibatsya that to provide all this. To love – it means to accept the little man it what he already is. To ridiculously demand ideal behavior and correctness action from the kid who also is not able to go! It needs to help to get up.

The help consists in different actions, first of all in communication. It is necessary to speak, talk to the kid even if he does not understand the speech yet. But he learns to say sounds. It is important that read him verses, told for the night of the fairy tale or history corresponding to age. The child studies, learns, it is not necessary to disturb him in it, to help better. Let goes barefoot on the blossoming meadow, only not on a lawn in the big city, it is dangerous! Splashes in boots on a pool, plays snowballs with peers.

What for happiness of the child should not be done

To be capricious it is impossible to allow, it is necessary to work only for toys of the child, the prices for which will increase in proportion to his age, then. And it is not necessary to give birth "for himself" too, the child is raised on leaving. The child born by lonely mother only with the purpose to bring it a glass of water in old age becomes "mother's darling", and the "loving" mother will never allow it to marry, will break any communication of the man who matured already. Many 40-year-old people live near mother, they are not able to build the relations, they at the slightest pretext run to mother. And such attitude towards the child with sincere love for it has nothing in common. It only manifestation of own egoism and great love of mother for.

Family of the happy child

In happy family there is no habit to eat "dry feeds" which do not need to be prepared. Tastes are formed since the childhood therefore mother cooks food, and traditional lunches (breakfasts, dinners) bring together all family at a table. Parents are obliged to organize a daily routine correctly that the child did not fall asleep on the keyboard deeply after midnight, and did not miss the first lessons at school in the morning. And mother should bring up the kid since the birth, but do not give neither love, nor heat of soul not to subcontract it to foreign people who take only mechanical care. It is impossible to quarrel at the child, it devastates him morally as love at it one, to both parents. And he cannot make a difficult choice at tender age, from it there are neurosises, the behavior, and for the worse changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team