Individual and psychological features of the personality

Individual and psychological features of the personality

Individual and psychological features of the personality represent set of lines which allow to characterize the personality, distinguish it and give it identity. Conflict people have features, at creative persons, at born leaders. We will consider characterologic features of the personality in these three cases.

Psychological features of the conflict personality

There are different types of conflict persons, and each of them has the features. We will review them briefly:

  1. Demonstrative type: seeks to be the focus of attention, behaves emotionally, during the conflict feels comfortable.
  2. Rigidny type: the person is suspicious, straightforward, with high self-esteem, difficult accepts the points of view of people around, is sensitive, noncritical to himself.
  3. Uncontrollable type: it is impulsive, unpredictable, aggressive, blames for everything others, does not learn lessons from the past.
  4. Ultraprecise type: scrupulous, disturbing, it is attentive to details excessively, suffers from the failures, it is reserved.
  5. Frictionless type: often changes opinion, we inspire, depends on opinion of others, does not see prospect, does not see communication in cause and effect.
  6. Tank: rough, selfish, inconsiderate, anxious with own authority, considers that all have to concede to it.
  7. Bloodsucker: this person is not rude and does not shout, but after communication with it the mood and health worsens, is able to connect the person to the problems and to force to worry because of them.
  8. Cotton wool: the compliant person who in words agrees, but does not carry out promised because of unforeseen circumstances about which he does not speak in time.
  9. Accuser: all are guilty, except him, and these are specific people; it is eternally dissatisfied and is constant speaks about it.
  10. Know-it-all: interrupts, sticks out the competence and intellectual superiority.
  11. Pessimist: gets surrounding with critical remarks, quite often truthful.
  12. Passive and aggressive: seeks to achieve the objectives at the expense of others.
  13. Over appeasable: he agrees with all and in everything, offers the help, but then does nothing.

In view of features of the personality, it is possible not only to understand what group the person treats, but also to find to him approach.

Psychological features of the identity of the head

The head differs in the high level of mental activity that allows it to influence mind and feelings of other people. Let's consider qualities of the personality heads in more detail:

  1. Ability to remember and keep all necessary in memory.
  2. Stability of views.
  3. Psychological step.
  4. Ability to listen and speak.
  5. Interest in communication with people.
  6. Existence of practical mind.
  7. True authority.
  8. Ability to convince.
  9. Tolerance to shortcomings.
  10. Objective attitude towards subordinates.
  11. Existence of will, ability to work softly.

Such features of the personality make the person the talented head capable to lead people.

Psychological features of the creative person

  1. Let's consider lines and abilities which are necessary for the creative person to be considered as really talented:
  2. Ability to see tiny nuances, observation.
  3. Ability to creative perception.
  4. Ability to abstraction from reality.
  5. Ability to generalization.
  6. Integrity of perception.
  7. Excellent memory.
  8. Flexibility of thinking and intelligence.
  9. Ease of generation of the ideas.
  10. Ability to bringing to the end.

If the person has at least a part of necessary lines, it makes him by the talented creative figure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team