Inferiority complex

Inferiority complex

Even the most self-assured people have hidden complexes, and people around about them, most likely, do not even suspect! The macho, the conqueror of women, can doubt whether not curves he has legs. The recognized beauty is quite capable to have complex because of the big size of a foot and so on … An inferiority complex – piece difficult and hard to cure.

Inferiority complex - signs

The inferiority complex has the following symptoms: this strong feeling of own otioseness, constant experiences concerning inability to self-fulfill, take the best place in life. The discontent with the figure, appearance, voice, the sizes of a breast, penis and so on can act as signs of this problem …

Quite often in formation of such pathology very active part is taken by parents, teachers, relatives. If constantly to inspire in the kid that he does not know something, is not able, of a lot of things it is not capable, is weaker and sillier, than the son of the neighbor, then it also will be the base for future strong and big complex. The result of it is discontent with and the life, powerlessness, bad mood, self-flagellation, eternal doubts and torments.

The inferiority complex at men can be shown both by diffidence, and ostentatious aggression, assertiveness. The inferiority complex at women is shown a little differently – the women suffering from this problem begin to work on appearance actively: to grow thin, play sports, to experiment with meyk-apy and hairstyles. Many such young ladies become constant clients of plastic surgeons over time …

Here the simplest test for an inferiority complex. If at least 3-4 following statements suit you, you already have an inferiority complex, in an initial stage. If approach 5 and more, you precisely have it, and chronic! Here they:

  1. I am rather a pessimist, than the optimist.
  2. Often I feel "ill at ease".
  3. It seems to me, the people surrounding me are more beautiful and more talented, than I.
  4. Parents strongly criticized me in the childhood.
  5. I have many shortcomings which need to be corrected.
  6. My figure is far from an ideal.
  7. Sometimes I feel unnecessary.
  8. Often I feel lonely also misunderstood.
  9. All underestimate me.
  10. Success in life depends on communications and luck more.

How to fight against an inferiority complex?

There is a set of the recommendations devoted to volume how to overcome an inferiority complex. But all of them have the general character, and each person is individual therefore it is necessary to treat councils selectively, "trying on" them on himself is careful. The inferiority complex responds to treatment.

So, how to win against an inferiority complex? It is necessary to stop urgently:

  • to compare itself to others;
  • to be depressed;
  • to criticize itself;
  • to be engaged in heart-searching.

For a start it is worth talking about the complexes to the wise and experienced psychotherapist. The most resolute we will advise to go to a radical training on increase in a self-assessment. Believe, such "shake-up" will precisely work. Further work on itself has to take place as follows:

  1. Plan specific goals! Paint terms and ways of their achievement, step-by-step strategy. Do not recede.
  2. Communicate to the most self-assured acquaintances. Draw them out – for certain they will share the secrets of disposal of opposite complexes with pleasure.
  3. Indulge yourself! Visit of cinema, new purchase, sweet "idleness". Begin to live at last as there is a wish!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team