Interactive communication

Interactive communication

The main thing that distinguishes interactive communication - it is activity of all interlocutors. For this reason it is often much more effective in the solution of any questions. Fortunately, existence of the Internet and means of mobile communication made interactive communication available to all, and now we can communicate in real time, being in any place.

Types of interactive communication

It is conditionally possible to allocate several forms of such communication.

  1. In total a few years ago we just watched telecasts, and today the television becomes more and more interactive. The audience has an opportunity to phone and state the point of view on the air, to ask questions, to participate in quizzes or votes, sending Sms.
  2. The same can be told also about radio where to communication with listeners a lot of time is allowed.
  3. Perhaps, the most popular form is interactive communication on the Internet. For its realization the set of convenient services is thought up. Long time demanded were chats where could communicate many people. There were special programs for instant messaging later and also various files. Today many prefer to communicate on social networks where users have an opportunity to place comments, audio and video files.

To create and transfer audio and video of the message not to do the interlocutor without microphone, the webcam, acoustic columns or earphones. Often there is a need to install the special software.

Pluses and minuses of interactive communication

This type of communication will allow to save a lot of time and even means. You can talk in real time to the person from other country, at the same time see and hear it. It is enough to have means for interactive communication – the computer equipped with necessary electronics.

And minus is obvious: it tightens and can quite turn into the true dependence. People spend more and more time on the Internet and panic if they forget to take the mobile phone. The problem is that such communication is frequent only the idle talk which is taking away a lot of time. Just you remember that interactive function of communication consists not only in exchange of information, but also in interaction when each interlocutor makes the contribution to the solution of the discussed task.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team