Irritability - the reasons

Irritability - the reasons

Irritability is very often combined with fast fatigue, drowsiness and constant feeling of fatigue. The angry person begins to face such problem as emergence of feeling of alarm, nervousness, apathy and a depression. Sometimes together with strong irritability the rage which can pour out in aggressive behavior is shown. The person becomes uncontrollable – his voice loud, and movements sharp.

The increased nervousness and irritability can be defined due to such signs:

  • percussion by fingers in objects;
  • continuous circulation about the room;
  • rocking by a leg.

Such actions indicate that the person tries to cope with emotional pressure and to restore composure. The reasons of irritability can be determined by such injuries:

  • psychological;
  • physiological;
  • genetic.

Also irritability arises owing to various diseases and problems with health.

In terms of physiology the increased reactivity of nervous system which develops under influence of various factors can be the reasons of irritability: external, internal, hereditary.

Hormonal reorganizations can also become the reason of strong irritability. Often it meets at pregnancy and during the postnatal period. Periods and a climax are not exceptions.

Especially strongly people who suffer from such symptoms as alcoholism and drug addiction give in to irritability.

How to remove irritability and nervousness?

It is necessary to try to carry out different types of activity serially. That is at first to perform one work, and ten minutes later to switch to another. Performance of intellectual and physical activities will become a great way. If work takes place houses, then it is possible to do the cleaning or to leave in shop. It is not necessary to try to relax and watch TV – it will not add cheerfulness and will not lighten the mood.

The important value plays the drinking mode. It is recommended to use during the day two liters of purified water as it promotes washing away from an organism of products of disintegration which collect under the influence of a stress. Water will allow to normalize acid-base balance and to calm down.

When the person suffers from a sleep debt, he tries not to notice it, but in such state it is impossible to feel anything except fatigue. In such situation irritability and unwillingness to continue to work is shown. It is necessary to remember that the normal dream has to last six-eight hours.

How to overcome irritability?

Only the expert can appoint drug treatment of the increased irritability. If irritability is shown owing to a mental disease, then the doctor will render an emphasis on treatment of the main symptom. For example, at a depression appoint the antidepressants allowing to improve mood and to get rid of irritability.

If it is impossible to define the cause of mental pathology, but there is excessive irritability which complicates to the patient life, then appoint such drugs helping an organism to resist to a stress.

Besides medicamentous medicines of the doctor recommend to apply psychotherapeutic techniques which are directed to a relaxation and make impact on behavior of the person in various situations.

Traditional medicine – a great way to overcome irritability. Very opportunely the tinctures and broths made of herbs, spices and some food will have.


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