Language of a body and gestures

Language of a body and gestures

Language of a body and gestures is very interesting science which can tell a lot of things about the person. It is noticed that women and at men have language of sign and gestures differs significantly. Today we will tell men about what information can be found about the pleasant woman by means of nonverbal communication.

Language of a body and gestures of women

If you well understand subtleties of this science, then will be able to avoid misunderstanding between you and your darling. Also this knowledge will help you with the most various situations, beginning from a business interview and finishing with a cheerful friendly party. In sexual behavior of women there are some features which does not prevent to know to each man.

Usually the man tries to be pleasant to the specific woman who especially strongly is pleasant to him. And women dream to be pleasant to all men without exception. The interesting fact is noticed: many sexual gestures go back roots to fauna and got to people from ancestors – monkeys.

Sexual women's gestures

  1. Having felt your look, the woman begins to correct the hairstyle, straightens out clothes, often touches the hair.
  2. The woman does the sharp movement by the head, at the same time rejecting the hair back. Length of hair at the same time does not matter – instincts are guilty of everything.
  3. If the woman sits, and begins to straighten and cross at the same time slowly legs – you to her are not indifferent.
  4. She strokes the hips or knees.
  5. Her legs are moved a little apart. Situation is also not important (there is it or sits).
  6. All remember the legendary film frame "Basic instinct" where Charlize Theron slowly showered a leg on a leg, and then slowly returned it into place.
  7. When walking the woman exposes the breast forward and smoothly shakes hips
  8. It swings a shoe on finger-tips or turns in one leg under itself? Regard this gesture of the woman as the fact of what to her comfortably is near you.
  9. Woman periodically
    throws up the head and inclines it in your party
  10. Socks of its footwear or knees are directed to you.
  11. If the woman considers you as potential lover, she can show gentle skin of the wrists unconsciously.
  12. The look can speak about much, especially too when the woman looks askance, at the same time smiling.
  13. The mouth is slightly slightly opened, and lips damp.
  14. Deep and silent voice.
  15. She tries to sit down closer to you.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team