Language of gestures

Language of gestures

Who possesses information, that owns the world. Our desire to know everything about the world around and people with whom we interact is the main difference from fauna. However our words often disperse from our gesticulation. For this reason the psychology of language of gestures is unique. Even if we tell a lie, but we try to hide it, the professional will quickly determine by our gestures and gestures what our true motives. Besides language of gestures can tell about the person practically everything: about his mood, habits, weaknesses and even the social status. That in any conversation to understand who before us, we will try to study confidential technicians of language of gestures.

Nonverbal communication includes gestures, poses and a mimicry. With their help about 50% of all information are transferred. Other 50 percent are made by a voice, intonation and appearance.

The most striking example where practically all components of language of gestures are shown, loving couples are. Lovers can have obvious language of gestures, or hidden, unconscious. However both partners intuitively and without words understand each other. The truth language of gestures of the guy is much more modest in comparison with those nonverbal receptions which are used by the girl. As an example we will consider gestures and gestures of both representatives of floors to courting or attempt to draw attention to ourselves.

  1. At the sight of the woman: smoothes hair, smartens up, corrects a shirt collar, or a tie, brushes away a nonexistent mote from a shoulder. One of aggressive forms of language of gestures of men is characteristic mortgaging of fingers of hands for a belt. Thus, he accents area of genitals. It is also often possible to notice the man's hands on hips. Thus, he shows the physical force and readiness for communication with the woman. If the woman really interested the male, then his pupils will be expanded, and the look will linger on the interesting object for several seconds longer than put.
  2. Language of gestures of women in many izoshchrenne, than at men. Treat purely women's gestures and gestures: sharp stirring by hair with the purpose to reject them back, rocking by hips for the purpose of their demonstration, slightly slightly opened mouth and moist lips. At the sight of the potential partner the woman can show the wrist (one of strong erogenous zones of the woman). Especially brightly this teasing gesture with a wrist is expressed at the smoking women. One more interesting detail of a sign language and gestures are legs. If the man for demonstration of the genitals almost always widely places legs, then the woman on the contrary almost always crosses legs. However if the woman is interested by the partner, her knee will be directed towards the interesting object. You should not forget also about objects of a cylindrical form. It is often possible to notice how the woman strokes a finger a glass, or a cigarette. It is a hint to the partner about what, this person can have on mind. Also you should not forget about an oblique glance and a languid insinuating voice.

Language of gestures of hands

One more important role in information transfer is played by language of gestures of a hand. It is especially important for businessmen and people of senior positions. So, for example:

  • the potiraniye of palms says that your interlocutor is in expectation something positive, in impatience or nervousness. And if you saw such gesture at the waiter, so you are hinted at a tip;
  • we often see the linked fingers of hands at announcers or politicians sitting at a table. At the same time people smile and look quite peacefully. However this gesture speaks about disappointment and desire of the person to hide the negative attitude from people around;
  • the person who is stuffing up hands for a back speaks to others about the self-confidence. However if hands are put in the lock behind the back, then the owner of this gesture tries to calm down. By the way exactly thanks to this gesture the phrase appeared get it together;
  • the gestures connected with present of hands to the person almost always say that the person lies, doubts, or wants to exaggerate told. Often such gestures can be observed at children who absolutely sincerely close a hand of companies, eyes or ears if they told a lie.

Language of gestures contains a huge number of the hidden and obvious nonverbal signals. It is important to remember – if the person is open for communication, then and all its gestures in the attitude towards you will be the same. I.e. open palms of hands, open look and any crossing of legs. In communication with close people do not use gestures of superiority – do not take away a hand for the head and do not lift up highly a chin. Bend towards the interlocutor better, send a foot of legs to his party, incline the head sideways, smile. In this case you will be found not only the interlocutor enjoyable in every respect, but also will support your point of view.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team