Life after the divorce: features of life of the second wife

Life after the divorce: features of life of the second wife

Those cases when young people, having lived together few years, understand that they do not suit one another are frequent. Now stains are condemned not so strongly as earlier. And second marriage gradually becomes standard of the present.

To marry the person who already had an experience of the family relations it is a hard step for many women. To realize that your beloved already lived with other woman, woke up together with her in the mornings, conducted joint economy - it is very heavy for most of girls. Quite often the second wife thinks that the husband compares her to the first spouse or still remembers the previous marriage. Here it is important to understand for what reason the man left the first wife and which of them declared to the first a divorce.

Be not jealous if the husband communicates with the ex-wife. Of course, the woman with whom he lived a long time will not be able to become him foreign. But now he with you and to worry there is no sense.

The classical situation is an early marriage. Usually everything begins, as at cinema - bright meetings, passion, emotions... It seems to young people that they are created for each other. Appointments follow one another, and all this comes to an end with solemn proposal. However, having faced household problems, young spouses often are disappointed in each other and understand that they hurried. Psychologists claim that the full psychological maturity comes at the age of about 25 years. And many young people, with maximalism inherent in them, are ready to get married in 17-19 years. But the family relations are not only rough passion. It also common goals in lives, similar interests, support and protection. Having lost pink glasses of love, new spouses are not ready to household problems and decide to disperse. If your man had such marriage, you were lucky. Most likely, he has no feelings to the first wife any more, and chose you because felt in you a soulmate.

Some second wives well are on friendly terms with the first spouses of the husband. From it it is possible to learn the mass of secrets about the beloved.

Other popular situation is a marriage because of unplanned pregnancy. In youth it happens often. The guy with the girl meet, but do not make any plans rather each other. But by negligence the girl becomes pregnant, and the young man should marry it. Such marriages are the most fragile therefore the majority from a bottom comes to an end with a divorce. Even the child cannot hold together two absolutely different people between whom there are no strong feelings. If first marriage of your husband belongs to such category probably he will also not feel love or melancholy in relation to the ex-wife. However, you should make friends with the child of your husband. You should not feel jealousy of the kid, he is a part of your darling and also deserves your love. The third option is a painful parting of your husband with the first wife. It is the most difficult situation. Perhaps, the first spouse threw your darling or changed it, and he could not forgive. Here you need to show patience and female wisdom. If the man made the decision to marry for the second time, so he is confident in you. Therefore you should not make it scandals and to be jealous of the first wife. Instead try to be tender and careful, assure that you will never betray it. The man will estimate your relation, and you pokazhees to it an angel against the background of the former wife. And after that pleasant gifts, surprises and compliments will not keep themselves waiting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team