Love at distance: how to keep feelings

Some loving couples are forced to be in the different cities for various reasons, for example, business trips, training or acquaintance online. That feelings did not die away, it is necessary to support communication, not to forget darling and to pay it enough attention.


1. Trust the partner, do not try to think up treason from scratch, without having any evidence but only the cleared-up imagination. Do not accuse him of the conjectures and do not show in any way that you doubt his fidelity. On the other hand, do not do and you do not tell anything that could provoke at him jealousy.

2. Communicate as often as possible. Now communication at distance became a commonplace therefore it is easy to arrange it. Correspond on the Internet, by phone, you call each other. If you have a webcam and the microphone, you will be able to see each other every evening and to talk on Skype. Tell about last day, be interested in opinion on daily things, ask council. Show that despite distance, this person still remains an important part of your life.

3. Use mail to send each other the handwritten letters. They transfer more emotions and feelings, do people closer. Send parcels with gifts or transmit them through friends to show the feelings financially. Even the most modest gift will be more pleasant, than an electronic card or the letter. Order online flowers delivery on the house to darling.

4. Try to meet at the first opportunity. Not everyone can spend several thousands for flight to other city of times a week to spend night together. If separation lasts long very much, allocate a certain day to go to visit to darling. Or make an appointment in the neutral territory – on the middle of a way between your cities.

5. You speak honestly and openly, do not try to hide problems and to suffer silently. Discuss the difficult moments in your relations, in common solve them and be not afraid of quarrels.

6. Dream more and discuss your future to brighten up separation time. Talk about development of the relations, about intentions of your half, learn what waits for you ahead. It is impossible to carry out all life in the distance from darling therefore try to discuss earlier the moment when you reunite. Discuss what will be after this final meeting to what there are your relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team