Manipulation with consciousness

Manipulation with consciousness

What clothes are fashionable also today that tasty can be bought in shop what mobile phone will suit us better and on what movie to descend on the weekend. Daily we face the similar choice. And what if this choice does not belong to us, and is imposed from outside? We often do not think that can manipulate our consciousness. What filled our subconsciousness? Phrases, pictures and sounds which we ever heard or saw. Each fragment of life noticed by us is postponed in our subconsciousness as a moneybox. We buy that what heard about. Manipulation with consciousness of the person works smoothly. We do not even understand what happens to us. The short course of manipulation with consciousness will be able to help with it to us.

Minds of almost whole world puzzle over a concept of manipulation with mass consciousness. However all of them agree in one – manipulation with consciousness of the person is a way of influence with the purpose to influence the final decision or to overpersuade in something. The issue of influence on public consciousness became especially topical with the advent of the Internet. Manipulations with mass consciousness are carried out by means of the social networks, online games, online stores and other tricks created for earnings on users. It is not necessary to be the genius and to study a set of special literature to understand the concept manipulation with consciousness and though a little to protect itself from its influence.

It is important to remember: the risk to be subject to manipulation of consciousness increases when we are in crowd.

The mass of individuals who have any more no chances to avoid manipulation over the consciousness begins with three people. There is such concept – effect of crowd. The person, getting into crowd, becomes other, submitting to rules of crowd. These rules are simple: the crowd lives by the principle here and now, it is changeable and each individual in crowd declines all responsibility for any actions. Therefore the crowd so easily also gives in to manipulation with consciousness. Feeling the impunity, each person in crowd is capable of any acts. And the most terrible here – chain reaction. Once one person starts any thought, news, hearing in crowd, weight begins to move and solve the tasks set by the hidden manipulator. The individuals absorbed by interest in a problem in crowd cease to control themselves. People become vulnerable, and in this state the methods of manipulation of consciousness of the person work smoothly.

It is possible to refer to the modern principles of manipulation with public consciousness:

  1. Principle of the sequence. It works thanks to natural desire of the person to be dear. The sequence in affairs is an example for imitation, so and respect. Here also manipulation is hidden. For example, the person can force to make sure of how the offered firm or goods is good. Having filled a leaf with a praise, the person will be forced to be consecutive and to buy the goods described by it.
  2. Principle of the authority. Here to go into details there is no sense. Everyone knows as begin to appreciate us and to listen to us when we say that we came at the request of the director, the general, from administration, etc. Many of us often manipulate consciousness of the interlocutor by means of this principle.
  3. Principle of favor. Based on ours partly the selfish choice. We more willingly to communicate with the beautiful and attractive person, than with the interlocutor having any outer defects.
  4. Principle of infectivity. This method of manipulation with consciousness works thanks to our unconscious aspiration to make the same as the others. For example, to buy the same as from the neighbor in cash desk in shop or to begin to applaud together with the audience in the hall.

A special role in manipulation with mass consciousness is played by television. It is no secret that media - the most powerful weapon of manipulation. Manipulation with consciousness of media comes true for formation of our opinion on the taking place events. Here only some of methods of manipulation of public consciousness:

  1. Thought-reading — poll of several people whose opinion is generalized and allegedly joins millions of fellow citizens. Naturally, at the same time the opinion on political preferences in the journalist's material becomes the main thing.
  2. Here several options of submission of information are possible. For example, on elections, the opinion which will be favorable to the candidate hides in the negative atmosphere of all report and becomes imperceptible. One more option works opposite – undesirable or negative information disappears, instead of it the positive image of an object in question is formed.
  3. Repeated repetitions. This method of manipulation with mass consciousness is based on repetition of a lie in such quantity that as a result the audience begins to believe in her.
  4. Method, very similar to repeated repetitions, is creation of pseudo-events. These events not really happened, but give them for the come true facts. With such news the yellow press often sins. The purpose is maintenance of rating of the edition.

But if there are methods of manipulation with consciousness of the person, there have to be also ways of fight against these methods. And they exist. Remember main rules: not to give in on manipulation it is necessary to think and be attentive. The thinking person will always see a logical mistake in supply of information material, will not begin to follow the tastes of bright and colourful boards, will not begin to participate in mass dismantling on the street and will not begin to arrive as all. And if the whole mass of people begins to think – that manipulations with public consciousness will become almost impossible. You remember: the thinking nation – the invincible nation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team